You vs Them


United States
42° 57' 42.0084" N, 85° 39' 32.04" W

Born looking “white”
Grew up looking “bright”
Born to be a gift
Grew up on feelings I could not lift
Born to be beautiful
Grew up to be judgmental

Light skinned, pretty eyes
A lot of things they tell me, makes me smile
Ugly face, crooked teeth
Many words that have hurt me
Slanderous insults, uplifting words
Ghetto neighbors living in the suburbs

Accepting myself for who I am
Isn’t as easy as getting toast with jam
So much going on around me
It’s hard for me to focus completely
On the things that matters most
Don’t want to give up completely
But I’ve been thinking a lot lately
What if I just ended it all?
Would they think to even call?

Or would they not care
As if I was nothing but a piece of air
I hate to think like this
As if I’m sitting under a ton of bricks

Then I realize, it’s You vs Them
It’s all about you NOT them
Believe in yourself, stay positive
That's when you’ll realize you have a lot to give


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