Imagination ruins and creates us,

We run with the wind or get blown behind,

Letting others distort our perception of the perfect image,

Searching for the one person to the end of the world,

Forgetting happiness can be found in loneliness,

Blinded by the witches that deceive us,

Of our imagination,

Our personality,

Our individuality.


Self-destruction causes isolation,

Family disappears and you’re in bliss,

Or so you think,

Until uncontrollable tears stroll down your cheeks,

Unknown reasons affect stability,

Psychological disorder accusations,

Driving yourself from civilization,

And into isolation.


Confusion of Sexuality,

Or just thoughts of boredom,

Colors of the spectrum illuminate,

Under black light,

Continuous light,

Flash light,

Speed light,

No matter the spotlight,

We are all the same when the lights go down.


Regret of past lived events,

Even with no stories to tell,

But that’s just the point,

Live the life to write it later…

If you live to tell it.


Inside this mind,

We find anger, hate, and destroyed memories,

But they are not original,

Created from darkness,

Only illuminated under the right light,

Dark purple illumination that radiates the room,

Color that dissociates from hotspots on the body,

Leaving a trail for others to search for my identity,

Only hoping self-pity will dissipate before self-destruction overcomes the soul.


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