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I learned through tragedy, a way in which the external world can reach it's greedy hand out and take away stored happiness I am and have been loveless and lawless and jaded and frankly, indifferent
The new year eve is the time for a celebration This year though there are more reasons to do it The year that's about to go was no less memorable The world was forced to wage a battle against a virus
To Inspire A Soul   What can it take to inspire a soul But a grouping of certain words. It is simple and complex How a sentence can reflect
curious humansnations working together—toilet paper wars . . © 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.  
INDEED It's True ... !!! CERTAIN FOLKS Are ... " Cool " ... Well Schooled And IN TUNE ... With Making SMART Moves ... !!!!! While CERTAIN FOLKS CLEARLY ... Like ... ACTING The FOOL ... !?!
Some People Are EVIL ... !!! Some People Are Nice ... Some People Believe ... In The Lies They Contrive ... Black People White People Yes ALL TYPES of People ... !!!
Sit Sit before you get shot. Nobody sees colors but they won’t hesitate to shoot you.
Society’s Song   Society is madness. Society is unpredictable like an unseen condom hole.
Based on "Mermaid" by Sergey Kolesov   Delicate, floating through sea currents and sea trenches Elegant, dancing through coral reefs and shipwrecks Pure as the sun beams that shine through the surface
I yearn for a time when We have an earth a home where we have butterflies not plastic bags Seahorses not troughs of sea trash Fruitful forests not funerals or forests. I ache for the
It’s hard to believe how far we’ve comeAs we go from learning to walk and talkTo misunderstanding war and lovePandora’s box has a brand new lock
How come this universe exists, When we have verily no unity? How are we even humans, If we don’t embrace humanity? We live this life as a joke, We’re not real in reality. We consider ourselves divine,
Look among you, bless all you In The desert running on a boat stuck at sea some won't like us some will love us I am Human I count I prey I love I give I take
No matter how distraught we feel Lost, lonely, and without appeal Poetry reminds us we’re not alone, That everyone else is also prone,  
Dear  Human,
Dear Earth,   Your rolling fields of amber grass, Cerulean waves of primeval, And skies painted with ripe orange, bubblegum, and perfect aubergine Are no longer as beautiful as they once were.  
"you still kick it in the slums      ? you still sell drugs   ? you still like to party       ? you still binge n get fucked up      ?"  
Tread lightly ? Sorry, I don’t think I know that phrase But I can corrupt a situation silently Carbon monoxide type of style, if I may.  
Dear Animals, You’re the problem in the world. You think that just because you can walk, talk, And have guns, makes you better than everyone else.
We got the fire From dusk till dawn Ours is such that Can change the world We have the fire And we burn forever As long as we are together Dilemmas are a thing of the past.
Humans are such intricate things Who can't remember how to have wings The only beings that hate that others exist That will never realize all they have missed   Humans always run to their dreams
Hear Me Earth Your actions have Consequences   Hear Me Earth Appendages ripping at one Another  
p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }a:link { } Love is a low return investment So why waste time to return love? Because partners lack conviction Love’s value is based on faith
Some lack communication Others lack creativity Others lack confidence And Others simply lack completing some lack  
Isn't it crazy how everyone in this lifetime insipres and impacts others Some way or somehow Just saying a little compliment can make the difference between lonliness and appriciation 
jihadjihadis     what was it?who are they?   Not a bunch of crazywar-fuelledblack-clothedextremists.  
My friend, foreshadowing, was telling my future. Picture a fortune teller. Speaking with her mind, hands and such amazing creation of sound, her words were confident. She was confident. But, please, please do not.
We the people the steeple of our country, that we hold so dear, do salute and sing to this tune even though we do not hear the pleas of  the land and its ancestors, the corruption we bring has been allowed to fester.
I wasn't always jaded I never really hated the judging eyes, the self-centered smiles, or the fakeness on their faces. I didn't dislike the quiet animosity,  the way they always looked at me,
Have you ever thought about what goes behind making your soap Have you considered the methods of how its made  For animals, there is no hope  They just want someone to come to their aid 
People will always be people. no matter how many layers of rose glass we put between us and them, they will always be people.
A boy, shy and reserved, neither liked by anyone nor loved. An orphan by birth he was, Eyes depicted helplessness, loneliness was the cause.
This day in age, it always seems The world is bursting at its seams. Brothers dying, Mothers crying, The most bloodshed that heaven's seen. Rapes and bombings everyday..
Chasing for a deeper meaning behind the twinkling lights above just as the man who stands inches away.
Humas are strange. many are sane but at some point they can all be deranged. Humans are strange.  
Thy desolate land cannot contain, the phenomenon of which is so mundane; And yet from each eternal ray of light, thou continues to amaze with everything right.   A glimmer, a response, none without; the true light within.
When we try to be selfless, we are selfish. We consider acts of kindness, acts of heroism. But they're acts of self pride, acts of narcissism. No matter what humans do, it's entirely for ourselves.
They say slavery was abolished years ago. That every man,  is now his own.  But look around at what surrounds you. No I don’t mean on your phone.  Stop tapping at your screens, Halt the scrolling through your feeds. This isn’t about race this time
the boy had fingertips made of pure white flames back when the walls were closing in, i was unrecognizable my own skin had an elusive disguise it was drenched in icewater
the boy had fingertips made of pure white flames back when the walls were closing in, i was unrecognizable my own skin had an elusive disguise it was drenched in icewater
  The things that we see The secrets we keep The puzzles I solve are the ones inside me  
WE are humans WE are loving WE are forgiving  WE are judging
I believe in the human condition
Its a
Outside in the midst of nature and a boundary set by humans 
Random acts of kindness to the strangers we don’t know. Anonymously letting our secret personality show. We are humans that have universes living within.
The trees are Spartan spears, Authority and valor pierce the Horizon— They stand dense and hold light and Fog. They do not bend for you and me, they never have. They do not bestow Grace or Mercy
our life is filled with debauchery and decadence we start wanting to be held  and scream at our discontents.   gratitude becomes meaningless bouts of words and narssicism takes place
I am a wanderer I allow myself to explore the outer reaches of my mind and world
I am a wanderer I allow myself to explore the outer reaches of my mind and world
It is the way each gear ran perfectly, The way the ticks lined up. It was how the metal clashed with me, It couldn’t get enough. Let’s fall, Let’s rise, Then stall, Then surprise.
Bombs everywhere, missiles left and right, clenching my gun in my hand so tight. Side versus side, so scared but I will never show it, America the Brave, proud and heroic.
When do the lessons of fiction come and play into reality? Why does nonfiction become affliction and government becomes arbituary?   ORDER! ORDER! ORDER! They'll scream until they're blue.
In the truth that is the existence of the world, We are the instigators of change; Of the Future. As we march forward into this new age, we are evolving into gods. The gods that we had once worshipped.
Some White, Cream, Tan, Buff. Pink, Red, Brown, Black. Chalky complexions, solid skins.   Some room in between for no invasion of space. Stacking and stacking— too much to even count.
I'm terrified of horror movies. I hate the zombies, vampires, and werewolves. But what scares me more than the supernatural, are human beings.  Because there is no possibility that they are not real.
My skin is brown and the iris of my eyes are darker. My hair is kinky and nappy but overall I am happy. I could wear a weave, colored contacts, and skin bleach, but that is not the outer me.
A tender muted rain drips through the trees like lead paint down a child's throat. Surrendered couples romantacize in fields of oleander. An ode to God clings to the fingertips of the esteemed criminal.
For the hatred of mankind
People make this world go 'round. 
We humans, we stomp across the delicate grass, As if it were not there. But if the grass were human, it would call you an ass, Lift you up and throw you into the air.   We humans, we rise up into the sky,
(Twist and shout scholarship slam)
Wolves in sheep wool.they climb over walls and breach the inner sanctum.infiltration of the darkest depth in your ocean,your seas of troubles are seen and screened.the poor souls don’t even know.
Take solace in rage
The battle rages The war goes on. Some fight to kill, Some have a code.
I will let darkness cover me, Make me weary
You took my home My trees My life You rolled in with those big machines All loud and bright I am small I instantly fill with fright at the sight before me
Through the crack in the wall, a streak of light spills on the ground.
Sunny   Happy smile   Always love my masters   Just waiting a hug   Suddenly a big stick coming through  
Sometimes in life you have to realize that life is like falling rose
Trees, A thousand years old, Touched by a thousand hands, Fingers trailing softly over rough bark. Trees, A thousand feet high, Home to a thousand birds,
I often dream of myself floating from space, looking down upon the planet and watching its peacefulness.  And from up above, if my voice could somehow reach every human being, I would say, "Stop trying to dominate nature."  
The flow of the human race is nothing more than a flow We seem more and more content in our ways we forget to grow The Individualistic idea has inspired oneself to lead a life of independence
There should be an absoluteness of beauty simply in the act of being a woman.  
We are mysterious creatures,
I am the poet, madder red The odd accumulation of odds and ends. Bright and tarnished, waylaid silver My worth is determined by the words I'm giving. But I am not only a poet of odds and ends
A path appears before you
The tick tick ticking of time passing by The climbing numbers of a clock while, My mother tells me to stop, the minute hand Whispers to the hairs stretching up I plant seeds that I never see
The Earth is like a caterpillar, unchanged but ready to grow. Earth's history is quite the filler,
In the Great Book, it says not to judge. Yet we do, Everyday. We are taught as kids to live by the Great Ten Rules. Yet,
*/ /*-->*/  Tell me Sterling, what is "change?" " A verb; to make or become different. Whether it be yourself
Personally I believe
Human We're here to be
Why change the Outer You can improve your Inner Find Beauty in Everything   Sharp eyes and Wet nose Animals-Innocence They, the Ideal Beauty   Beauty is Within
Never again will we see another day, Since we all have to play the game, To near waters filled with oil, What has become of us when we all dry and boil?   Never again will we live to breathe,
Everyday we pass, Everywhere we see,
The waste is not made clear, the shame never seen. The darkness covers all things, yet we believe we're clean. "I am shameless," we pridefully say, Then hide our feelings by the end of the day.
We waste time We taste smoke outside We don’t care We don’t share We are so focused on our miniscule lives That we don’t stop to admire the scene around us There are miracles in this world
Humans are such liars. We talk about how much we want honesty among us, but then we turn around and lie to the very same people we told that to.
What would be the price of a life? How would one measure the price of a life? Would it be based on the physical condition and the person's appearance? Or on their personality?
The world we live in is a mess but we can fix it. We need everyone to try and no one to quit.   Some people are fat, some people are gay some people have blue hair and some people have tattoos.
Nature is the only place where you can see the world for what it is. Because nature is the only place where the world is as it should be.
I will change how you perceive me The world is waiting Clouds clearing Our eyes finally esteemed to what really may be I believe the allusion has sewn our seam The allusion of difficulty 
  There is a noble King who walks these grounds; he brings peace and serenity.
We are all equal We all think, breathe, eat, cry, laugh We are all human  
We preach peace, yet declare war. We want to end world hunger, yet we toss food on the daily. We want to attain the best education, yet we are charged more than we can afford. 
As one piece of iron sharpens another, we need to keep each other sharp. We need to encourage each other. An enemy might be able to defeat one of us, but not when the two of us stand back-to-back to defend each other.
  Waiting for the 41 home I light a cigarette and think of mother, lovely little Audrey, and my Gloria. I picture them gathered watching TV. Together they must be
You’d be surprised how much power we have over our own minds. I imagine survival back before our times and the development that required. They used their brains and had too. Using each part and functioning as one form.
I am confronted by all their faces. The faces that say please love me In place of my owner who is an absentee. So, here I am, giving out warm embraces. I wish my work was enough,
Resolutely, I have indoctrinated myself Into a world of know, where Things that were unexplainable have been Inarticulately explained— And we didn’t even need a graph to do it. We don’t need any statistics
The fields of war, we all cry, Let’s take a moment and take a big sigh. This isn’t what life should be! Let’s just get along, you and me. Let’s have the peace fly!   War is nothing but a sad, sad lie,
Wintry berries dead at the tips of snow-sagged branches red as blood-inked lips.   Wintry oceans tucked into bed with the earth beneath it, people on its head.  
    Born in her nurturing arms Cradle to death and back again, She held out her helping hands As a sanctuary for all her children,
My favorite animal is  Homo sapiens sapiens   This mammal has it all It's cute It's smart It is easily house trained   It's so adaptable So good at long distance travel
Time is just an element. Why do we make it more than that? Time is just an element, not a physical being we attract. Tell me now, why is time our biggest fear? Why is time divided into years? Why is time the crown jewel?
"I Sting as hard as a Bumblebee" "But i'm gracefull as a Dove" "You can not defeat me!" "No sir-we I might be just a cub" "With all my might i put up such a fight!" "You can't defeat me"
I am Shapeless. A Villian to an arching Hero. I am a Pest. A Slug. A Menace. Forget MANKIND. I am pushed. Punched,  tugged in all sorts of directions. Do I have a mind of my own? Again,
Once I loved youUntil I had to turn my headTo all the things you did and said. I once loved meBut then you diedAnd even though I knew you wouldBut to this day:I wish it was me.
Every morning prior to the bedlam of alarm clocks,a smile sat royally on the throne of her majestic face.One arm thoroughly rested across her abdomen,why the other searches for an abeyant lover that
Us humans; our mind: so strong, so alive, Usurper of Nature, the law, to survive. A hundred more years or a hundred more lives, But what does it matter if humans still thrive?  
Our clock is tickingAs our last years are coming to an endA time when we leave our childhood years,When we leave all our old friends.The old tree diesAnd the new roots beginAs we part our separate ways
  I have placed this pen in a behemothic, spherical object, Where it is not required to nest in the area it was assigned to,  But it has the option to wander around, And perform what it desires.  
Listen to this story Of a land forward in time, Where a polar bear lives The last of his kind. He would wonder To and fro, And think what if Humans didn’t let global warming grow?
No matter what your name is, where you were born, what language you speak, where you live, the amount of money you have, how tall you are, how much you weigh, what your name is, what you look like. We humans are all the same and equall.
The power of nature arose, spreading through the earth, Surrounded closely by blades of grass. The mammals froze ready to protect. Flowing to the brick hard road. Bearing moss green,
Slowly, quietly she encroaches on the humming of life Inconspicuously she blankets miles upon miles of all types of land with simply a paintbrush in her hand She cannot be stopped
Tell it as it is. We have multiple ethinicities. Multiple sexualities. Multiple religions. Multiple desires. Multiple needs. Multiple looks. Multiple situations. We have one thing.
As life goes on, we dwindle away,  From fighting and lying, everyday. We place ourselves to lose the race,  By putting ourselves in a never-ending chase:  To be the best  To be number one 
How to be perfect? No one quite knows. The search is forever, the answer unobtainable. Why do want to obtain it? That's how our mind goes. The quest is forever, the prize unavailable.
Nautical graves and practical poets, Woman's condition and cultural woe. Heaving sensations accompany the telly. What's worse than these? The end of the show.
(poems go here) Humanity By, Kendall Fields What are we? We who kill. Corrupt. Destroy. We who are filled with lust. Anger. Vengeance.
A box I was trapped in a box A box that was molded by the visible hand of man that told me what I should or should not be Defined by labels that are still stamped across every inch of my being because of what you say
Society stalks me, A spectre of the REM world, Like Krueger…it creeps up on me, Only this time…I know I won’t wake up. My life is a terrible secret, trapped inside Pandora’s Box.
Welcome to this world, this cold, cruel place, Where violence and hurt are quick to replace. Here are some things to which to pay mind If, and only if, you wish to survive.
As she rests her warm head on the reserved meadow I wait. As she descends I look ahead, waiting for you, Your imperfections, your craters that comfort me so tightly, As she descends I wait.
Coming from the same man and woman The race known as humans have evolved so much, But one true quality that makes humans unique is our versatile aspects We can be smart; we can be strong,
There's nothing much I want to say, but I'll pour my heart out to you anyway. All I can think is no more talking. Only out of faith, we gotta keep walking. Never spoke a word to you before now,
My skin crawls, I can't help but write. To you and her and my mother. “I loved you" I can't help but write I can't help but paint "I loved you" Onto my head and heart. I can't help but paint
~man of the hour i waited way too long met women that should be strong but he left and did her wrong but baby here i am the man of the hour the one to give you power you see, im here however
You said it, therefore it must be true. Yes, every word you speak is law. Why should anyone have room to doubt you? You, who beleives everything the bias media tells you.
There is a monster that inhabits the Earth. It started out alone but began to multiply. It is not gruesome in appearance But seems to inhabit a different shape with each multiplication.
The ride down to Canal takes a really long time Especially when you swipe the card and ride the 6 line. Stop after stop Enter and Exit Ages range from ancient to infant Strollers Bikes And bags
Today we can live Yesterday we've survived Tomorrow will never cry The days of our lives We can do whatever. Till one of us die Then we all Cry
Shoes against pavement, Head towards the ground, Trying to keep out the noises, Trying to keep out the sound.
You hear the waves pounding on the rocks... You know if you get caught in it you'll die immediately but there's no going back.
There are a lot of people that Fear what they don't know, The questions then turn into aggressions leaving them stuck in a hatred zone. Why must people fear the original and the different?
What is comparable to inevitable?? If the lyrics don't intertwine, then the meaning is forgotten. How do we proceed to the next level when we keep falling? The stairs are right before us but the world is calling,..
Beauty is self-determined What is to define such a word as beauty? It is indescribable Because none have the exact opinion of another For me, the white rose is the most beautiful creation
Hunger, starvation What I wouldn’t give for the sensation Good, bad, any feeling would suffice Or, better yet, to sleep forever would be nice For longer than I care to remember I have been numb
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