A picture of me - by: words

Sun, 12/21/2014 - 21:06 -- aala224


My skin is brown and the iris of my eyes are darker. My hair is kinky and nappy but overall I am happy. I could wear a weave, colored contacts, and skin bleach, but that is not the outer me. Life is about choices, so if I chose these things just know that they do not define me. The outer me makes me unique, but the inner me is the same as yours. We are all the same on the inside and there is no such thing as race, only the HUMAN RACE. We are one in untiy. No reason to emphasize apperance, looks do not determine intelligence, a kind-heart, or perseverance. I am you because without you I am nothing. We all depend on one another to survive and strive in ways we do not realize. I love myself and we should work together to love those who do not love themselves. When I take a picture of myself, I see love, and I see you.



This poem is amazing and so true skin color doesn't matter


Thank you for the support!!


I love your message. I totally agree. 


Thanx for reading!!

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