They say slavery was abolished years ago. That every man,  is now his own.  But look around at what surrounds you. No I don’t mean on your phone.  Stop tapping at your screens, Halt the scrolling through your feeds. This isn’t about race this time, Gender, sexuality. We’re all slaves to a bigger picture now. Captives of a higher hand.  Stop listening to your music, Go see a local band. Quit the posting of your meals and tweeting useless tosh.  Stop updating your status about how you went to dinner with Josh. If you want to talk to someone,  Stop, don’t send that message. Dial up their number and at least give them a call. Instead of hugging the one we love, We send them digital hearts. Personal communication and relationships are falling apart.  Last night I saw a status, One saying they’re living the dream. But how can anyone even breathe knowing we’re ruled by miniature machines? Life isn’t typing on a keyboard. It isn’t downloading the latest movie.  It’s not checking your best friend’s wall, Or inboxing the family you never see.  It’s what's right in front of you,  The things that are shielded by technology. I can’t say that I’m not guilty. I’ve had my loss of sleep.   But how can we blame ourselves? Everything we could ever want is lying right at our feet. We’ve got video games, Portable computers, Ipods,  Ipads, Iphones.   I.    We’ve turned into I,  Singular. Alone. No longer do we leave our home. And if we do it’s only because we have to. Social settings don’t exist anymore, Electronics kicked them out the door.  I can’t recall the last time I went out and didn't see someone's face in their phone.  What makes it worse is that kids are given these things at such an early age. I don't remember the last time my brother went outside to play.  Parents use it as an easy way to hush the crying, But can't they see that it's their brains their frying? We don't know what freedom is. Slaves we have become.  It’s time we woke up from this tech-induced delusion. We must escape the seclusion.   

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