Cosmetic Cruelty

Have you ever thought about what goes behind making your soap

Have you considered the methods of how its made 

For animals, there is no hope 

They just want someone to come to their aid 

Not everything is as portrayed 

Some animals will never see the light 

The indisutries power can never be swayed 

For them, it's just another fight 


No one realizes how many bunnies go under the scope 

Or how many are slayed 

They learn to cope 

People will pay everything for an eyeshade 

But little do they know an animal is betrayed 

This year, i've come into some sight 

No matter what may be dismayed 

For them, it's just another fight 


This year, make your mind like a telescope 

Look for answers beyond what is conveyed 

Don't let their lives continue be on the slope

Look back at the price they have payed 

For what, just another lip shade 

So when you go home tonight 

Look back at your make up displayed  

For them, it's just another fight


Please take this knowlede and be persuade 

This matter should not be taken light 

I've learned this year to make the change and to not be afraid

For them, it's just another fight 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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