Letter to Animals of the World

Dear Animals,

You’re the problem in the world.

You think that just because you can walk, talk,

And have guns, makes you better than everyone else.

“Let’s save the planet” while driving around and releasing

Carbon gas into the atmosphere. Irony at its finest.

Wearing endangered animals as accessories is the trend these days.

You know what else is a trend: making accessories out of animals, that seems fun.

If there was a book of lies, it would be about you.


Chapter 1: everyone is equal. Tell that to the tons of unarmed men (who you mostly black), that was killed by police officers. Tell that to the workplaces. Tell that to the mexicans ripped from their families because of the systemized deportation.

Tell that to the white nationalists, neo-nazis, and other hate groups.

Equal rights for others, does not mean less rights for you. Share for once.


Chapter 2: everyone is beautiful. Where’s the representation of “thick” women in ads and magazines? All I see is toothpick. You know why? The societal beauty standards includes butts, boobs, and stomach. Starving animals have no advantage, while animals starving themselves take the advantage for granted. We judge based on looks, size, gender, color, religion, basically everything, except personality. We are closed to listen to the animals screaming out for help, for someone to talk to. When it’s too late, then we care and think “what have we done to fail this beautiful creature of his/her life?”


Be open to hear, slow to listen, and compassionate to speak. It could save someone’s life.

It’s 2018, it’s a start over of past temptations and failures. Time to change. Time to be more compassionate. Time to be positive.


An exquisite creature


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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