I will change how you perceive me

The world is waiting

Clouds clearing

Our eyes finally esteemed to what really may be

I believe the allusion has sewn our seam

The allusion of difficulty 

The lick of poison from the tongue of a dragon

absorbed into our baby feet

We must see how easy life will be 

Once everyone treats their mothers with eternal gratitude 

and Mothers love their babies for merely being

The babies who rely on the devotion they receive

To swell like peaches on a tree 

inflated with the love they absorb

only to spread positive energy 

As the next fellow enjoys the sweet treat dropped at his feet.

The way we look upon one another MUST contort 

To the lift of an impenetrable hot air balloon

Flying a balmy Sonoma breeze.

We push air from our lungs

To be shared by the neighbor and his son

May the air we share be forgiving

Forgiving to each person's hypocrisy

The Wrong doings

We are all humans 

all of Earth's biological spin

To ignite the personal relationship within us all 

We are no strangers

THIS we must recognize 

It's real. 

We are here to serve each other 

This means to be happy

"Different flowers of the prairie"

That's all our skins depict 

To change the way humans treat their brother

The start of many things better.

When the bitterness washes from our mouths

May we speak the love in conventional knowing

The Streams will continue their fall with tranquil ease 

Once we make the connection to 

Each other

The greater good

And our trees. 



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