Its a conglomerate

There's people who still slave away for the dominate

The problem is

You're expected to agree with the elite through a pop quiz


Yeah, funny how its called education

When more than half of it is minimization

You call it history

I call it mystery


Mystery enough we are silenced when we question

This is oppression

Theres more to the eye than aggression

And you dismiss my mind by calling this an obsession. 


You're not skinny enough

You're skinny when you're strong and tough

This is the thought process of a mastermind all to take away our human strength

They think we're stupid because we cant see them at a focal length



Fight over a social construct created by hate?

Created by no one other than the people who created this police state?

I dont want to make this political 

But we are people, and this is critical. 


Dont make it a statistic

Lets make something WAY more realistic

Envision this, a world only where Jesus exists

And a life where YOUR life is the biggest gift


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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