Thu, 07/31/2014 - 03:48 -- jmchan

I often dream of myself floating from space, looking down upon the planet and watching its peacefulness.  And from up above, if my voice could somehow reach every human being, I would say, "Stop trying to dominate nature."


Our world is currently being defaced by us like a delinquent vandalizing the school building with graffiti.  I see sticky black tar chaotically suffocating the vibrant flora and resilient green grass to pave a road.  I see dark smog poisonously escaping the exhaust pipes of cars tainting the clear blue sky several shades darker.  I see infinite garbage cans lined up, each filled to the brim with filthy trash that is thrust into the Himalayan Mountain Range of Junk in the putrid landfills.  I become a bystander as these crimes are simultaneously committed around me.   


Why must we let our thriving rapids of the Colorado River be silenced by the cold inanimate Hoover Dam?  Why must we set to fire our Amazonian Rainforest bursting with endless exotic fauna and priceless plants, burn her to ashes like a witchcraft trial, to manufacture mechanical factory monocultures?  Why must our pure white Alaskan ice be raped by our corrupt machines that dig their piercing drills into the floor to release the black vulgar gushing oil, which consequently takes her virginity?


Take my hand and open your eyes to the dirty deeds we have done.  Picture our world from outer space, the serene little blue sphere.  You can save the Earth before it is too late. 



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