Tell Our Story

Based on "Mermaid" by Sergey Kolesov


Delicate, floating through sea currents and sea trenches

Elegant, dancing through coral reefs and shipwrecks

Pure as the sun beams that shine through the surface

Gently giants that once called the ocean our home


Jagged, trampling the weak and stealing from nature

Cruel, punishing the innocent and spilling our blood

Empty as the depths after their reign

Puny little humans always craving more


We sang our song and lived for the sea

They yelled for their battles and won against the weak

We swam with pride and fell with beauty

Yet they can't even tell our story


So now I tell you of the real mermaids

The ones the size of whales and the ones full of life

The ones that took nothing but had everything taken

The mermaids you know never existed

And the mermaids that existed, you never knew


Don't listen to the humans that lie

Take it from a real mermaid,

And the last one alive. 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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