shit you can't say to your teacher

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I try and I try, 
Dear teacher, Must you assign so much work?
Well the first thing we do isn’t expose our feelings to our teachersI had this bottled up for some timeSo I was so excited about coming to collegeThe 2 months period of anticipation took all my previous knowledge
The way you speak to us you see, It’s just not how it should be, You get to raise and scream at us, Then you get surprised when we get up and cuss?
Now don't get me wrong with the lesson i'm about to teach Education is good, Education is the water to our seed but whats wrong is the times between you and i being "educated" the pain that stings so deep
You were built for great things You were built for the future But these halls move like molasses And these faces look like ghosts And my mind falters And I bend And I break  
The school bell rings, I'm late for class at this rate, I'll never pass. College essays, school ones too, every day, a new one's due. What will I do? I do not know. A real good college, I must go.
Write they tell us, Show us who you are. Give us your soul in a story they say I’ll grade it and judge all your scars.   Thousands of students with their
I am sorry. I am so sorry. The smiling child you once knew is no more. Star light eyes( eyes that light the future)have been extinguished.
You say we can come to you when needed We need you to listen when you’re called But you won’t be there when we’re crying You’re not there for us at all.  
My heart made me loose it all. They said they loved me, But it was all a lie. They told me to follow my heart,
The School is full of shit Students can't say what they want All they are taught is to take a sit   The school is full of misogony Girls can't talk about things that make men "uncomfortable"
I have other classes besides yours Oh And band Key Club Student Council Choir Track And a job You want this project turned in tomorrow? Let's see if it fits in my schedule
I hop into a world, Colors and images dart by as I race Through page by page.   Words that ebb and flow, Pulling and pushing me in A midnight rolling tide.   A simple book,
Senior Year, Oh how I cheer!
What do you want from me? Am I not good enough? Am I a dissapointment? A mess that needs to be cleaned up?
I am NOT stupid.  If you hand me a song! I can submerge myself within the lyrics and become one with the melody. BUT I have to create a thesis statement. I'm trying to understand. My mind is blank. Cold.
Bullshit.  I said it, I call Bullshit. We don't need this class, It's a filler, it is Bullshit. My score didn't  put me here, I hit my mark, this is Bullshit.
    I’m in your class everyday  But you don’t know me Despite what you say No grade can tell you who I am I’m not one of your pets who will sit and cram  
         Arithmetic.                           Scientific notation.                                                  MLA format.                 Teach me about compassion.
"Excuse me, but that's wrong." She screams it in her head, the inaccuracy  taunting her on the white board. The teacher moves on to a new problem, but she is still fixated.
Dear Mr… Why is it that every time you speak I listen but I don’t understand? Is it because our class period is the first, very early in the morning?
  To the teacher who supervised study: Remember the girl who was my best friend, The girl who sits in front of me… She called me Bitch in front of everybody today
Choking on words In a rather fantastic way. My tongue holds them back As my throat tries to gurgle them out While my head spins the words around. Repeatedly, Incessantly, But to speak ones fears
I came to school to learn about life, Instead you give me a worksheet, And get your easy paycheck.  
Lost hand, reaching into the darkness But left to drown in loneliness. Searching for another to latch on to, Hoping and praying for someone to come through.   They walk past in disgust
I dont know how to write a check, But thankfully I can graph a palabara. I dont know how to cook a family meal, But I know how many protons an Iron atom has.  I can't decide which price is better, 
You strut in front of class. You , a bloated peacock Ranting, raving, screaming, yelling. You make your own rules , by which we must obide
My dearest teacher, your class is so boring Even my foot is now snoring Obviously you dont how to have fun Sitting in our desk all day, come on we're still young When im in your class im always tired
Catholic High. Yes, Catholic High. That our school. Yes, you and I. We stand for religion and christianity. But instead, to seems like a mockery.   Our reputation is so bad and low,
there is an epidemic of thought thata master's degreedefines how much youcare and what i amas a being
A bad teacher is negatively pessimisticA good teacher is positively optimistic A bad teacher swears all the timeA good teacher cares in their prime
I’m not falling behind, I’m starting behind. My mommy and daddy are not like theirs.   No bedtime stories with silly questions “What color is the ball?” “What did the dog say?”  
I put my head on my hands, you yell stay awake, I haven't slept in three whole days, it's harder than you think. I try to focus, I try real hard,  But there's more to me than you can see, this is harder than you think.
Man school's a drag Let's all go take nap, Pick up those pencils and pens It's time to go learn in my class. Teachers expect to much of us kids We just want to hangout and shoot the shit,
I've sat in class. I've sat there and wondered. Wondered if you even cared. Cared for what you are molding. Molding these students, these numbers. Numbers that identify us from one another.
Hey Teacher, I really hate this class, and this seat hurts my ass. It really isn't misleading, You know no one did the summer reading. Why did you pick our partners? I wish you gave me someone smarter.
This is too much work. My mind is overloaded. The stress makes me cry.
Teacher how come you don't push all students there's only a few you do? Teacher how come your eyes are only on the students in the front, but not on the students in the back?
Yeah, I appreciate what you do. Thank you for spending a little extra time looking over my essay with me after school. I know its a long ride home for you and I know you don't get paid for the overtime.
Where's my homework you say? Well I sat down and did it yesterday. Then half way through, my pencil ran out of lead. My homework was eaten by the bugs in my bed! My seventy-year old computer got a virus,
All they do is teach us what they think we need to know They never get the chance to know us We all have our stories of where we've been and where we are going Drug addicts Soon to be parents Couples fighting
Why do they judge her? And y'all just let it happen? The heartache and the pain, please remember when it pours its rains.   They don't the situation, she could have gotten rape.
Teacher, I am a writer, I am a singer, and that's all I care about.   I care not  about history, or science,  or French.   I care only for English, and chorus,  
I walk into class every morning at 7:15 AM. Kids push and shove into me  and my scowl is covered by a red face. Why do you let kids hurt each other? Whether it be words or swords,
As I open the door feeling the crisp blackened air of the 123 and ABC’s as I sit in my prison chair
THIS girl d e s p i s e s youand e v e r y t h i n g that you do.YOU are the t h i n g that keeps the sun from shining.
I trust you, teacher I really do But the words stick in my throat   I want to tell you, teacher, I really do. But I don't know how to say the words   How to tell you
Start off with confidence Beautifully misplaced "This is A college level class. You will be challenged" You lied. I spend my time Listing off the Scientific names of animals That I know.
What tolerance do you speak of I've asked more questions nevertheless What lecture do you plan on Iv'e only heard three words or less That utter from your mouth The rest are stories of your perfect days
Sleep at home, not at class they sayTime passes slow everydayWhy should I do my homework anyway If I sleep at home like they say 
What do you mean "what does this mean"?  So you give me a "B"  I change my style, I change my content But my grade remains constant  I ask you a question on my essay "Only you know the answer", you say 
You want to teach me Math, but you can't count The minutes to be on time. You want to teach me English, but you speak in ghetto rhymes. You want me to prepare for the future Though you can't prepare yourself.
Why?!! You went to school to educate, but you fail to be educated about who you were educating... I stayed in class waiting For you to see me but you refused to listen to me... 
From when were young, To when were old,  We are always learning, From teachers to parents, From elders to others,
There once was a girlWho loved the whole worldBut most of all, school Smiling face, her head held highThat's how she faked through her daysAs kids sang of her dying
How are we, as students, expected to do much?How are we expected to enjoy school after we recognize the discomfort inside ourselves whist there?
Hello? Can you hear me? Of course you can't. Sitting behing your screen. Of course you can't hear me scream. You already have my money.
Friday morning, Take my seat. Little sleep, Feeling beat.   Thirsty Thursday Kicked some ass. Don’t care – Was a blast.   Teacher rambling On and on.
I have a life, you know, outside of school,  in the real world.   My life is not just your class. I have other classes art, government, physics, math,  piano, english, and economics.  
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