Homeless In Class



You went to school to educate, but you fail to be educated about who you

were educating...

I stayed in class waiting

For you to see me but

you refused to listen to me... 

You never asked the question why...? 

"Why is she always late everyday?"... 

You saw my parents and even though you knew they were pastors 

The question of me being okay 

never crossed your mind.. 

All of the time..

A secret about my inside home life I kept 

Even though I stayed home on the days I was late for my project 

You FAILED to suspect anything being wrong.. 

You FAILED  TO except the fact that life knows no age..it will hurt & chase

after anyone who stands in its way 

So I ask you.. why did you blind yourself to the truth you already knew..

You critisized me on my clothes, my hair.. 

Fellow students hated me

Ignorantly I thought My teacher,especially English,would be there for me 

But sadly you weren't...

Thankfully you weren't though. Cause apparently my sturggle didn't matter to you

All you cared about was the answer sheet & the new methods to make me get an A

To get a raise was what you chased  

Your purpose as a mediator between a student and their future

You paid no attention to!!!

No wonder teachers don't get paid as much as waitors do.. 

See a waitor is tipped based on the attetion they provide to you.. 

Which you never did  for me 

If I ask you 5 times politely to fill up my drink you'd ignore me

Look at me as if I stinked... 

 But I refused to be defined by your evil assumed thoughts of me! 

I started being home-schooled despite my living situation I taught myself...

Woke up when the Lord woke the Sun up

Taught myself with the books I had... 

Took test my God sister brought home for me to take.. 

I wrote daily 

Learned how to deal with life as if God paid me.. 

My success was my motivation 

To rise above my situation's set occasion.. 

See soon I'll be persuing my destiny in Ministry of The Arts.. 

And even though my surrronding says it's going to hard 

I press towards the mark of the High calling in Christ ... 

Your ignorance of my life was in NO way right... 

But necessary for me to have a success story in my life.. 

Struggle by no means has to define you... 

Find out your gifts and 

That's when success,properity & purpose will find you!  



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