Only your Nametag says "Teacher"


What tolerance do you speak of

I've asked more questions nevertheless

What lecture do you plan on

Iv'e only heard three words or less

That utter from your mouth

The rest are stories of your perfect days

That take place on the south

When you taught in an old fashioned way

Then preach to us in your own style

To you we're urban spoiled fools

Youv'e only worked here for a while

But you continue in your dogmatic ridicule

You haven't touched up on your "skills"

The chalk board is still dressed in dust

You only busy your mouth to yell

Or sip more from your coffee cup

We don't know who to lean on

Our education all depends on you

You only tell us we're wrong

With no right answer to prove it true

Give us a reason for our schol to pay

Someone who deprives us of education

For sitting there seven hours a day

Hasn't taught us a single lesson


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