Teachers Are Clueless At Cleburne High

All they do is teach us what they think we need to know

They never get the chance to know us

We all have our stories of where we've been and where we are going

Drug addicts

Soon to be parents

Couples fighting

Kids dealing with parents divorce

Those who have been raped

Many who have been arrested

Many who are suicidal and close to the edge

The ones that are bullied

They have no idea of the things we face

When we try to talk to them or get help they usually don't help at all

They only turn their back on us

We're not just students

We are trying to get through life

We are who we are

Teachers will never truly know what lies behind ones eyes

They will never know where we've been till they walk in our shoes

Teachers are there to teach many don't even really care

They all know nothing

We all hide it all inside

We are all hurt in some way or another

They'll never know the real us

They'll never know our stories because they choose not to know

They choose not to help only to teach

So f*ck all the teachers who don't care about people like me

The ones I like to call their "students"

Why not teach us what's really going on in the world today?

Why not guide us?

Why not save us?

Save us before our life could end in the middle of our journey

You are supposed to give a f*ck.


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