Drawing a Blank

Trudging through a calc test

These graphs illegible at best

Couldn’t think if I were pressed

So I put my pencil to rest


This week’s homework

A profound swamp of murk

Which I had to rework

Until I went berserk

For what?

Math has no perks

Those men in beards were a bunch of jerks


I look up to see

People all around me,

Tired as could be,

Who probably couldn’t count to three


A conically inverted fish tank!?

This must be a cruel prank

But now I have someone to thank

For that conically inverted fish tank

Because I drew a blank


If only I had time for Clair de lune in the evening

Without music I’m bleeding

Every day believing

One more minute, and I’m leaving


The minute hand lands on eight,

Ten minutes will decide my fate,

Most math students relate,

These tests have a mortality rate



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