Teaching us nothing

Wed, 11/13/2013 - 22:10 -- Jasming

Dear Mr…

Why is it that every time you speak I listen but I don’t understand?

Is it because our class period is the first, very early in the morning?

I know it cannot be from the way your teaching that is for sure because no one can blame educators’ right?

 Is it always the students who have to try harder, do better, and study more?

But what about you or the others for that matter who could care less if we fail

They pass us off every year to the next going on to the next

Tell me how is that supposed to work?

Does it even matter if we understand?

 If we completely are in the unknown when you speak in such a different language that I cannot comprehend?

But no I cannot blame you because you have a college degree and I don’t

You are an elder and I am not

You know everything that is to know about that subject

But yet I do not learn a thing from you

I’m just trying to get a diploma that’s all so why make it so difficult for me to hear you?



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