Sh*t You Can't Say To Your Teacher


How are we, as students, expected to do much?
How are we expected to enjoy school after we recognize the discomfort inside ourselves whist there?
How are we expected to be willing to pay multiple thousands to extend our education in an environment of hostility?
How are we expected to attend school daily when bullying, finance, and ridicule are a daily struggle?

Teachers are paid to teach.
Teachers are not paid to help us with social issues like bullying, anxiety, and stress.
Teachers are not paid to create a comfortable environment worth of approach
Teachers are not paid to be friendly or kind or memorable.

So, as a home-sick college freshman, I ask you:
Why are teachers not helping their students? Students they want to see excel are doing the opposite for the mere reason of bullying, or financial issues, or stress.

Get your shit together, teachers of America. And do the damn good job you are getting paid to do.


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