Not So "Catholic" High School

Catholic High. Yes, Catholic High.

That our school. Yes, you and I.

We stand for religion and christianity.

But instead, to seems like a mockery.


Our reputation is so bad and low,

"That's where all the bad kids go" 

is what everyone says and thinks.

My school prides just shrinks and shrinks.


People judge me by this, 

when I graduate, it's something I won't miss.

And it's true, I will not deny

To say otherwise would be a lie.


Constant talk to parties and drinking

All that goes through my head is, "What were you thinking?"

So immoral and even illegal are their acts,

I can think of many things this school lacks.


The worst of it all is what we try to be.

A religious and christian school, apparently.

However, in town it is just a joke

Our true actions, we can not cloak.


Do you, our principle, think we are an example?

If so, that thought you can go ahead and trample.

If I could only say to you what an embarrassment we are, 

You would not believe me by a long shot, no matter how far.


I am tired of the reputation about our school 

They are rude and very uncool.

People like to assume I am as bad as the rest.

Even though I could pass a breathalizing test.


You see, this "Catholic" school you are in charge of

Does not exemplify charity and unconditional love.

It's a competition of money and what you own

or the price tag on clothes and floors in your home.


This school gives Catholics a bad name

and you, as our principle, are partially to blame.

You have no better morals than society.

And that is not a compliment from me.


You allow athletes to get away with more than the rest

When it comes to school, they don't have to give it their best.

It doesn't matter if they were suspended for being drunk on campus

the college scouts are coming, and the athletes are who represent us!


But of course, as the rest of the world works, 

Money trumps all, in the truth that fact lurks.

The richest get so many privleges, yes they do

Wouldn't want to lose their parents money, would you?


So thank you, Sister, for allowing this to happen

The students have this school's reputation shapen

It is one of imorality and sin

A category now related with our religion.


This bad reputation will never go away

It truly is a horrible creature.

Now if only I were allowed to say

all this shit to my teacher



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