Why did they judge her?


Why do they judge her? And y'all just let it happen?

The heartache and the pain,

please remember when it pours its rains.


They don't the situation, she could have gotten rape.

It also could have been a stupid mistake.

They don't know her story, 

but yet they judge her.

How are y'all just gone let her peers throw her name in the dirt.

Y'all know it hurts. . .


Why do they judge her?

Do they not realize she is human being?

So their life is perfect and they never make mistakes? Is that what they telling me?

She already has to walk around 9 months feeling awkward and worried

She's just hoping that this teenage pregnancy drama would just hurry.


Why do they judge her?

I'll never know,

But just because she is a pregnant teen it doesn't mean you can leave her out alone in the cold.



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