Your Not God.

Fri, 10/25/2013 - 14:32 -- Astov93

You strut in front of class.

You , a bloated peacock

Ranting, raving, screaming, yelling.

You make your own rules , by which we must obide

In here you think you can control the weather,  part seas , and control hearts

You try to bend our minds to follow your ideals.

But I'm through.

I know God and you are not Him.

He created everything in six days.

Without coffee you can barely make it through one.

He parted seas.

You can't even part your hair.

He raised the dead.

You can't even get a raise.


You say there is No God.

I say there is and You are not Him.

So give up trying to force your ideals down our throats.

It will never work.

You may be known as the god of the classroom

But I know the God of the universe.


Just because you are going to Hell

It doesn't give you the right to make our lives like Hell.


I believe in God , more than I believe in getting an "A".

So fail me for not bending to your ideals.

We'll see whose right in the end.


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