Searching for a Challenge in a Fishtank


Start off with confidence
Beautifully misplaced
"This is
A college level class.
You will be challenged"
You lied.
I spend my time
Listing off the
Scientific names of animals
That I know.
The stuffed
Felis concolor is my favorite
I hardly pay attention
I see you in town,
You liar,
Tell you I got an A+
In last year's science-
The first that teacher ever gave-
Tell you I'm a nerd.
Not to
Suck up
Or brag
I'm not an overachiever.
I just love science.
You ruined it.
Not my love
But my respect
For you
You fucking liar.
It's all review.
I try reaching higher-
Ask if I can write a report
Instead of a damn story
But you insult me,
Make me feel like an idiot.
You fucking liar.
I'm sorry I tried to reach far
And help myself learn
Instead of go over
10th grade biology
You fucking liar.
You told me I'd be challenged.
Instead I'm looking
To my damn fishtank
Waiting for a fish to die
So I can see what killed it
You, madam,
It wouldn't be so bad
If it weren't an education
I have to pay for
No waivers
Or local scholarships
My own earning
From three sad jobs.
It wouldn't be so
Miserable if I were learning.
Thanks to you
I am not.
You fucking liar.


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