Dear Teacher


Dear teacher,

Must you assign so much work?

Must you complain about grading after you’ve assigned with so much quirk?

If you think that flashcards will help, then you are wrong

After all, in the end, they will all end up in in the trash where they belong

Dear teacher,

I know you tire

But so do we, and by fourth block our brains are all set on fire

Oh yeah, it’s really not a good idea to test of a Friday

My hair might gray before I truly desire

Dear teacher,

Is lecturing about time wasted on signing planners not wasting time?

You talk and talk about wasting until the bell has had enough and decides to chime

You say that your class must be priority to us all

But can’t you see that we’ve got fifteen others right down the hall?

Dear teacher,

I know you’re trying your best

But really, sometimes….please just give it a rest!


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