The golden rule


Harveys Lake
United States

Now don't get me wrong with the lesson i'm about to teach

Education is good,

Education is the water to our seed

but whats wrong is the times between you and i being "educated"

the pain that stings so deep

the ignorance is evident 

and the responses are weak

Now i'm not bashing on teachers, their job deserves the utmost respect,

they try their best to stop the hurtful things that are said

but some of them are even guilty of the ignorance at hand

you see,

bullying has no boundry, you can be a bully and be bullied too

the football star that just called you a faggot hurts deep down too

his step brother beats him daily, long after every one has gone to bed

football practice is pretty fucking rough he says

now i'm not saying there is an easy answer to the problem at hand

but if we all can start with speaking up and not turning our heads

it's more than just the bullying thats the problem in our schools 

it's the lack of your voice speaking up for the golden rule

treat those as you would want to be treated

it's really simple too

i'm just saying the answers not this poem you just read

you must speak up for equality and the kindess i know thats in all of our heads

be fucking nice

and that's all there really is to be said




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