Dearest Teacher


My dearest teacher, your class is so boring

Even my foot is now snoring

Obviously you dont how to have fun

Sitting in our desk all day, come on we're still young

When im in your class im always tired

Never really inspired

Everyone in class is always sleeping

While im lying on my desk always weeping

I always stare out the window wanting to leave

But when im in class I dream of greave

Its not my fault I always need to talk

Unlike you I dont use chalk

Why do you get mad when I need to pee

I have been drinking alot of tea

Half of my life is now wasted

Now im never gonna eat something I never tasted

Whenever im in your class, I feel so old

Now even the walls are starting to mold

When I pass your class dont worry I wont miss it

Never ever not even a bit





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