Great Things


You were built for great things

You were built for the future

But these halls move like molasses

And these faces look like ghosts

And my mind falters

And I bend

And I break


You have so much potential

You are on your way up

But these girls laugh

And these weekends pass

And the alarm clock goes off

Again and again

My horror is belabored

My strife only strife


You have to do better

You are only just beginning

But the room is cold and bright

Too bright and too cold

And too undying


And the proctor is yawning

And I am yawning

And the world is yawning


You have to focus now

You have to buckle down

But I am a cistern

A cistern full

And these weeks are gone

And these months are gone

And these years are gone


But you were built for great things

You must only do better


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