Well the first thing we do isn’t expose our feelings to our teachers
I had this bottled up for some time
So I was so excited about coming to college
The 2 months period of anticipation took all my previous knowledge
I stepped on campus then I had all the worries in the world
What’s going to happen while I away from home? How am I going to get my books?
And oh my god… the tuition, how will I ever be able to afford
As reminder alerts about the bill kept coming to my email
I was stressed about my actual classwork
I wasn’t doing so well
Oh no luckily not to the point where I was going to fail
But I did have less than a 2.0
Damn, made me wonder
Why am I here when I have nothing to show
I have a father who helped until I came to college
Now he backed out in every way
I texted him to ask can he help me out or the end of the semester would be my last day……
No reply
If you are not willing to help me now
Then I dont need you nor want you around while your weak or I get on my feet
I browse the web looking for scholarships, grants, ill even settle for a loan
Anything that will help me stay away from going back home.
My mother helped me out in every way that she could
But that wasn’t enough
All I ever wanted was an education


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