Teach Me



                         Scientific notation. 

                                                MLA format.

                Teach me about compassion.

Can you calculate the consequences of your words?

                Teach me how to extend a hand to my enemies when they're down, instead of another kick.

                Teach me that it's not okay to call queer people "faggots."

                Teach me that my school bully is hurting just as bad.

                Teach me that "sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can leave you broken."



                                Emancipation Proclamation.


                Teach me about sympathy.

Is dysfunction in families a constant or a variable?

                Teach me how to forgive my mother for lashing out when her husband does.

                Teach me that my father left on his own accord, and not because I didn't wash the dishes.

                Teach me that blood doesn't always mean family.

                Teach me how to teach my sister.




                                                Roman Numerals.

                Teach me what's most important.

Four score and...  how many years have I hated my body?

                Teach me that magazines are lying.

                Teach me that numbers don't define me.

                Teach  me that I am my strongest friend and my greatest weapon against negativity.

                Teach me how to love myself before I love others.



I love this. So much!

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