We are not Titans-- we are Humans.


I am sorry. I am so sorry.

The smiling child you once knew is no more.

Star light eyes( eyes that light the future)have been extinguished.

Happiness is no longer bliss but rather a mask to hide pain.

Excruciating pain.

Caused by the world we live in and the way it runs.

Runs around and around never able to find a solution.

Solution to our problems, the poison in our society.

The poison in our schools.

The poison you infected.



I know it was never you intention to do this.

To start this.

Every teacher with a smiling caring face that just wanted the best.

A more intelligent generation for a more problematic future.

A generation with individuals that can solve all puzzles.

To wish us the best, allow us to fly anywhere.

That IS the poison.


We are not perfect beings.

We are a race of imperfection.

So then why teach all subjects with the expectation of perfection?

To pile crushing loads as all the others do?

Instead of valuing each individual as separate,

We value the illusion of perfection and destroy individuality.

By teaching every human the same, expecting the results to be the same.

Creating a destructive cycle that never ends.

That never ends.

It just infects more.

And kills that smiling child you once knew.


I am so sorry.

So very sorry.

We are not Titans.

(We cannot hold up the world.)

We. Are. Human.

(We are crushed by it.)

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I hope this impacts another. To bring that overwhelming sensation into words. I'm not expecting too much of this. If something more comes out of this poem-- I would be grateful.

Jason howe

Job well done

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