Hey Teacher,

I really hate this class,

and this seat hurts my ass.

It really isn't misleading,

You know no one did the summer reading.

Why did you pick our partners?

I wish you gave me someone smarter.

Now i have to do all the work,

this is going to make me go berserk!

This might come off as rude,

but im really not in the mood.

Your shirt is really awful

it makes you resemble a waffle.

Why cant you just give me an A?

It'd really make my day!

Teacher, didn't you know it's Friday?

This homework will have to shoo away.

I really have to pee

and yes, it IS an emergency!

I understand you are checking

to see if i am texting.

No, you may not take my phone,

It is my comfort zone.

Finally the bell rang!

Time to speed off like a mustang!







Funny poem "  really have to pee

and yes, it IS an emergency!" great line

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