Without Any Guidance


I've sat in class.

I've sat there and wondered.

Wondered if you even cared.

Cared for what you are molding.

Molding these students, these numbers.

Numbers that identify us from one another.

Another was that you never took the time to learn my name.

Names you say everyday but have no interest to expand your common courtesy.

Courtesy, I've gathered, from you, is to sit at a desk and block all of us out.

Out, imaginably I would like out of this shitty cycle.

Cycles keep spinning because our leaders of today, you, are just sitting.

Sitting, without any helpful words, without any guidance.

I've asked for guidance but you told me, "Wait what's your name? You would know if you did your work."

Work. Work. Work.

I walked away because you have no right to tell me I am incompetent.

I'm sorry you looked in your grade book under the wrong girl’s name.

So, I walked out.

Out of this cycle.

Out of your job.

Out because I was only sitting and wondering.

Not up and gathering.

So, today all I ask of you, is ask yourself "Who else has walked out?"


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