A Student’s Fight through Education


As I open the door feeling the crisp blackened air of the 123 and ABC’s as I sit in my prison chair

Not hearing the gibberish in class, as the teachers words try to strike me I hold up my shield of unconcerned as if it was glass

Feeling the deep accentuation of the economy, as it hits my mother’s mind I can hear her weeping from behind me

There’s not enough room in this building of education for the low salary, students try so hard, as their parents are in the dark, drowning in their own integrity

And then they wonder why people under the line, people who are not like their kind, act like they don’t care about school when they actually really do.

They believe in their heads that there’s not enough bread in the world to help them go through

Why even stress my dad and my mom about financial needs for school? Naw I’m cool, that’s not something I want to do

The crazy thing about life is everyone’s priority is education. But each year for every college the tuition goes up so how does this help anyone’s situation?

Shh be quiet don’t tell your teachers nothing. Just keep doing what you do act like a fool and pretend you don’t care about your school


NO THAT’S WRONG!!!! Try your hardest fight for success and reach for that tiny, little light that always tells you yes!

Forget the SH*T you can't tell your teachers, keep quiet, surprise them, and be the better one in the future!


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