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A smile is illicit in this city Where policemen hang their hats On the beaten bodies of little boys And bribes And just not giving a shit about whoever Whatever It's not their problem
Hunting down pictures of racial divides the colors into flesh pantones royalty free shots watermarked with logos of the man whipping across eyes and mouths of models making
We must love our own First We must fight for our own First
The least racist person is a racistThe least fascist person is a fascistThe least criminal is a murdererThe least sinner is a big sinner.
Blaming the white men Is the idea, the insane ideas That many of you have in your eyes
What is this, who is this, what is this? 
America is beautiful, great and wonderfulEadem opera, she is ugly, pitiful and dreadfulIn regards to the mistreatments of the Native AmericansThe African Americans and other minorities
I am angryI am angry because my life doesn’t matter I am angry because my struggles don’t matterI am angry because when I get attacked in a mosque or at school it’s my fault
These are not events that took place very far in the past These are obviously ongoing racial gaffes and contrasts Where human beings are bombarded and mistreated
They say our generation tries to grow up too fast  But we live in a world where we are to live to others’ expectations and grow up.   
These days when one googles: bigotry; One face shows up, not by hypocrisy, Not by accident. This is a darn travesty.The leader of such a wonderful countryShould not be carrying this ugly baggageOf bigotry, racism, and hate.
Tic Toc Tic Toc Life is lived by the clock
Created for a family bond After mass incarceration broke the family bond Needing a sense of love and protection   For many Gangs took on those wanting affections People arrested on non-violent crimes
This is no dream to me It was not my ancestors dream It was not something we wanted to achieve   Kidnapping and capturing brought us here Where we built on once sacred Native lands
Do you care Do you give a damn Look around at all this bloodshed   We're not making this up It's time to wisen up The evidence has always been here   People are dying
time marches onreality's fire consumes—dreams go up in smoke .
Hot topic time, what about race? It’s a great moment to talk about the issue staring us in our face. You see, during the Great Depression Black people had it the worst.
Well It Seems It's... OPEN SEASON... For... MURDEROUS Policing... !?! NO MORE Will Blacks Take Beatings... !!!
Senses breach the land 'fore dawn Those hands, they shake, they quiver, so sore Placed in forever, standing tower with brawn Now left all alone, there's justice no more She weeps of a babe, its name unknown
"Akonadi, the people’s activist." Akonadi is an oracular goddess of justice and a guardian deity for women. Inspired by a Ghananian goddess.    
Frustrated!Frustrated at the actions of the people who's supposed to protect/Frustrated that right now my skin makes me a logical suspect/
Alone in the dark, yet brave Given the power, you've adapted and slaved. to the hateful men, and the judgemental stares.  They've taken your innocence  And turned you into tears,
    Tripping over wires of  The mental lies Society tells us to hide Behind a disguise
He had trouble hopping in the currents. His usual flexible fins seemed stubby in the water. He splashed and swished, flexing and relaxing his long muscles. He got no where no matter the angle.
I bought a shotgun at a flea market without knowing that it was used to commit a horrible crime.The former owner used the shotgun to kill an entire family and I was about to have to do hard time.
A letter to humanity, With every new opening eye, I cry A new sigh, a new eye Born into this world Into the flames of splendor do we find ourselves to be
Back bent carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, Shirt soaked as open wounds ooze oppression,
There is something That few know of But is transparent to many Kept in the dark and loyal to no one Hoping that no one can find it It is a silent killer Pouncing on the slightest sense of innocence
Gay Straight Black White Man Woman Jewish Muslim Elder Child Injustice is everywhere Sylvan Simon, Pittsburgh Hannah Ahlers, Las Vegas
Oh how joyful would it be… If America stayed true to its promise and everyone was truly free. Oh how joyful would it be… If you weren’t already in jail,
Picture Have to get his picture don’t know his name never seen him before today He needs to be punished They won’t put in the effort without a name
Again and again and again and again. Every two steps forward is one step back People fight until they’re no longer standing, And no one stops to help them up.
I’ve heard of guys like you my entire life The type to dumpster dive Instead of revive There were times I wished I’d died If I died, you would’ve taken everything Including my voice  
america the free, that's what they say i am free, that's what they say you're free they say i am free
Dear Mr. President:  
The injustice,  The stupidity,  The sadness,  The rage.    This year has shown,  The world's a big stage.  The villains on one side,  Good versus bad.   
That empty-headed smell lingers in the house chanting his name as it swims through the chilling breeze. His name. His name spits out of mouths and into my ears.
"I don't want you to linger around" he says. "Right after the bell, come to the bus." Confused I ask him why I shouldn't. "Because I love you, without me, you can't have fun"  
The last of the warriors in me died today. They put up a good fight against fear, hate, and depression. But they threw their hands up in defeat today and the captain hung himself.
Long exposure trees and shadows   Freaky black things Looking Beautiful   diamonds against red and blue green
Sometimes, I can not feel myself amid the glass. Blue ribbons neatly fold around my neck; It seems to be hotter than fire. I live another day of horror Or so they are led to think.  
In a world built by the blood, sweat, and tears of people who look like meFrom the fields to front officesFrom the streets to street prophetsThey look at us and still see the whips and chainsThey owned us
Living under the 50 stars, Hoping and searching for the American Dream, A nice family with a nice house with a nice car, Walking down the street with a soda and some change, Stop there!
America the Lost When people say “America the Great” They are almost unwaveringly supporting An America of Hate.
Whoever came up with the name America the Great, I would like to ask you what makes it so great? The fact that it’s full of hate?
The environment, it is our sacred right; We live it, we breathe it, but we don’t acknowledge its might.   Burning ourselves alive, we don’t see who’s deprived.
 In a world where children are obliteratedBy chemical weaponsWhere strikes rattle the brains and deafenThe sleeping innocent are threatenedA man faces ArmageddonYet, He claims tears of joy for his twins are in heaven
Born in 1999, a Northwest city. Three sisters and three brothers, parents with no college degree and one income. But what do I know, of the riots, police brutality,
I. a map blooms above our heads with ships ablaze and compass wide uncharted land still beckoning  killer whales dive under tide  
America the beautiful, built on the blood, sweat, and tears of those who did not survive to see the country they helped build, sweeping some coast to coast, sea to shining sea.
Fade up lights 2 and 3! We want to have a general wash on the poverty, So the audience can see but not truly see the details of The decaying clothes and caved in stomachs and
Words such as herion and addiction, not often would you assume stem from a prescription. We curse the dealers flipping dime bags to survive yet we assume doctors only intent is to save lives.
I'm angry I have no idea why the fuck why, but if I did, I'd do something about it I'm angry If I knew why the hell I was angry I'd tell you. But I don't, so I won't, because I can't I'm angry
He claims to commit crimes, of only the teenage kind. "It was just lust", he wanted to feel up her bust.   How innocent, how mature, he wanted to take his supposed date behind a dumpster.
poured over like a liquid fountain, rain these words are constant but vanishes weak for it goes through the ears; the mind never taints as heard but never listened, conscious faint
To be black is to carry a burden To be black is to carry the world on your shouldersTo be black is to be so magical they can't fathom the fact that you're real
Lifes of newstruggling to live inthis world of oldliving between the black and whiteto be thrown in the grey tobe torn apart as they see colorsof green,yellow,and blueto see the hatred
Black lives matterAll lives matterBoth are true, but who's killing who? Not just murderSilent murderOf hopes, dreams, crushed by circumstance. From povertyMore povertyThe cycle pulls people back in. Arrived as slavesRemained as slavesTo blind, sup
We asked for quiet You gave us the hell   We tried to sell to you.   We hoped you wouldn’t notice The repackaged present
The bricks of this house are all red Scarlet blood dripping from their mouths Into my ears and pooling on my tongue I spit up red, paint the walls in tongue lashings
What an interesting time to live in Where what’s right is deemed wrong Where freedom of decision is now disregarded and we are subjugated into having a forced position
Alisha, how are you? Did you cross under the rainbow? What the Afghan storytellers tell thier children, So they can become who they want to be.. Thought about writing a song for you,
    The earth quaked in Northridge, California. Winds of death struck Alabama President Nixon took his last breath. 1994. My memories of these events are overshadowed.
In 1668 silence sailed from Spain and invaded the shores of Guam The Spanish hushed the Chamorro culture with rifles and the sounds of extinction were deafening
They say he is a product Of his environment. Stastics show he will Reoffend, He will be regurgitated By the prison digestive system, Come in as ground beef, Shit out, repeat.
Justice Cops. The “racist” men in blue, known for committing hate crimes But no worries, it’s fine We live in a society where people blame the ones who put their lives on the line everyday
They   tried,  
Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night breathless.   My lungs seem to convulse, and each inhalation of air seems not to be enough for each exhalation too quickly follows.  
We're living in a world filled with injustice, where we don't have to be doing anything and the cops think they can touch us, another man down, now that really starts to touch us,
I'd give my life to see those in evil power to fall. Why is our generation so sucked into the ways of the world. Everyone knows this world is living backwards "But shame on me for pointing it out. I'm not going to sit back &watch .
The color of my skin is just another part of me… so what? My gender does not define me… so what? I am not restrained by my religion… so what? My sexuality does not dictate my individuality… so what?  
"You see I'm different," She said, "because I'm just like the rest   As I walked down the street They yell and they holler Even as I turn and hide my breasts   At the bank she said
My identity is being erased Slowly dissolved until all that’s left, Is social debate and controversy   I am dismantled, disfigured, disgraced You stomp on my dignity And make jokes of my body  
A Droplet - A Concoction of BrineFlows from the Foreboding;A Hansel of DistressA Signal of Fear.Swivels and SwervesCreeping and CrawlingClink Clank against each StrandDripping from Down Under;
Your existence is never trivialYour sins are always forgivableYour crimes are all permissibleNo matter how despicableYou’ll never be held accountable
Two begin, one no greater than the other Life begins, and one man is called a brother   No longer like kin, the other joins a fraternity Enforcing the ladder of social hierarchy  
I'd like to point out The injustice of it all Watching the world fall
The rich are rich. The poor are poor. Those in between  Aren't there anymore.    The land of the free Isn't free without money, Which, unfortunately, 
A morning str
Why is there more hatred than love Why do I not see help from above Why are we viewed as despicable punks  Why do they only put us in cuffs?   Why do I see a racial divide
Slaves are recognized as property,
My bones were feeble My breath had weathered My voice can be heard as a bare, cracked whisper And I listen at how fragile we are... For which my lungs, they were thirsty for air
Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner Who's next? Me?
Click Clack! Sweat was sliding down my face Bang! I was reflecting about the actions taken that wiped me without a trace. Now, I am looking down from these white cloud skies
I think I'm tired of taking a stand It seems like it doesn't matter Everyone's up in arms  But no one will ever change It's time we all take a seat Maybe watch what we eat Maybe we get off the street
Crowds going wild yet I'm laying in bed, People being murdered but I was snoaring they said, Cherries petals and whipcream all over the bed, Blood and bodies mangled, rest in peace to the dead
You captured kings and warriors and now our bloodline fights back You underestimated the mystery and power behind those of us who are black You saw our strength and resilience and said “They’ll be fine to do our work”
i am who i am because i do what i say and what i feel. the question isnt where am i stopping but who is going to stop me . 
Criticize me. Brother. For we are not the same. Keep that hatred pouring outward, Because, you are not to blame.   You see things in black and white, For you know not much more.
Oscar was on a train Another year had passed He was celebrating with family, friends He was just having fun A new year   
That tar that you spit, embellishes oppression Not uncovering another beauty only truly shielding it, no resting Constant stressing about the matters of geography
You wanna know what makes me tick? A world that doesn't care for the sick. You wanna know what angers me more? A world that elevates the rich and completgely ignores the poor.
They ask me why I write the words that I do,  What are my intentions? To be heard In the seemingly inescapable noise of societies chaos and noise pollution,
I am fine, we say, Why would I ever want  to change the way I see myself everyday? We say.   It's supposed to work like that, we say. I'm supposed to act like that, we say.
now is the time they say that women have more liberties more chances more power more more more   but the attitude remains the same we are still second-class citizens  
i don't hate many things in this world;        just kidding, i lied.
I want to change my reflection.   The curve of my nose
Is this what it's come to a world where war is all we've been through United States of America "together we stand"
 When we rise in anyway, everything around us rise as if, the sun shine around us, saying we are the ligth, which one day,  will ligth it our path to succes, just following those deligthful colors which have infinity gloriness.
Recumbent here I lie
Hey Zimmerman, are you happy with your life right now? Do you think you go off free? Even if the courts say you are free, you will never be.
I'm more than test. at best, our education's a mess.   Poorly designed, leaves kids behind, instills the grind of "working life."   I have to take action, no satisfaction,
My dialect is catastrophic. Viciously it consumes the minds of those who surround me.  To catch only a whisper would reveal the sadistic sense of my nature.  At least to some. Those who merge opinions with facts. Bellowing assessments of "this gen
We live in a world filled with hate unseen by the naked eye but it stills hits you in the face Am I living in the right place?
You have a degree That says you can tell me If I'm right  Or if I'm wrong. You have a certificate And even when I'm sick of it You possess Carte-Blanche martial law. You say no child
What is justice? Is it the beating of the bat or behind the bars? Our ideas concealed, hidden from the world the thought from us, thrown down... forgotten about us.
Arm uswith the warpaint of ourgenerational struggle Remind usthat we are strong(stronger than our parentsstronger than we ever should have been)
Hello world it's a beautiful day yes it is, young man livin' in america can't get much better than this. 8:00am. "We have suddenly recieved news reports that a plane
Another war in the name of peace The rehearsed lie that you speak Your deceptive words are at a peak If you try to steal Liberty, she will make a creak   You are selected, not elected
Black out BY: Nashon Kemp Nate Kemp Natawéj Azgrot (where all the same people stop the panic) cold like ice was his heart as the rounds went off...shots fired shots fired ...he killed him but what the man didn't know was that he had killed himself
It's the year 2013 and I thought the system worked differently,  I was killed over a year ago and my killer is still free. As I walk this dark graveyard, I am filled with rage! 
I know it's a bit much to ask for, a little shameless, and a little rude to some, but would you mind doing a little digging for me? Would you mind pulling up the images of 9/11 you have stashed and locked up in your mind?
sometimes I lie alone on the grass under a grey sky in the dead heat of summer and I see before me the future stretching out as far and as gloomily as the sky and I wonder:
Up ahead, amid the dirt lies the fence. Tall and wide, black and tied it stands. It's forbidden, it's inhumane. For it separates people, and people's pain.
How could you not understand? How badly the rich has the upper-hand When everybody is chasing the dollar They will always have us under their collar And under their commands we holler
Did you know? Did you know that right now, in this very second, there are people crossing? This very second, people running, walking, stumbling, falling… maybe never to get up again, all the water, all the life,
In the past there was sorrow. In the past there was hatred. In the past there was racism. And the negroes couldn’t take it. In the past there was grief. In the past there was pain.
I find peaceful solitude in stereotypical places white people deem fit for me because civilized Pavements in this world mark danger for any Negro that reaches into their pockets for a pack of a gum, candy, cell phone or whatever.
Can I provide you with a rhyme to Help you vibe with me on this ride through my mind? May I coerce you into working with me to get to A special place where I can get to know you beyond the letters that form you're name
We are perpetually, habitually tip-toeing through life always struggling and grappling with is this wrong or is this right? They all force us to whisper when our instinct is to cry, to cry out at Injustice
To have humility is to think less Of ourselves ‘cause we are God’s creation Red, yellow, black, white, tell that to the press For the races received much damnation. Injustice is still there we need prayers
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