now is the time

now is the time

they say

that women

have more liberties

more chances

more power

more more more


but the attitude remains the same

we are still second-class citizens


why do companies prefer to use an

attractive female

in their advertisements

rather than an equally

attractive male


why do movies and television

send the message

that the ultimate prize for women

is to have a man


why do we still

make 77 cents to your dollar

for the same work


not much has changed


we tell our daughters

to wear makeup

to get a boyfriend

to get married

to stay at home

to have lots of children


and god forbid

you are too smart

boys don't like smart girls

you intimidate them

they like it when

you play dumb


we teach our daughters

to emulate barbie dolls

because that's what

a woman should look like


they grow up

flipping through magazines

wanting to be just like

that model


but the model grew up

just like her

now she is six feet tall

and weighs 95 pounds

because she can't be beautiful



when is this going to end


i'm tired of feeling


because i don't weigh a certain amount

and i have acne

and i don't like makeup

and i get good grades



i don't see it getting

any better

anytime soon


is now the time?


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