Bittersweet Vision

A letter to humanity,

With every new opening eye, I cry

A new sigh, a new eye

Born into this world

Into the flames of splendor do we find ourselves to be

A universe of the unfathomable

A system of the intolerable

I mourn,

for people when I see them,

I mourn,

for the love in which they held, and will lose

I mourn for their mournings

The tears fall like rain upon a sunny day

meant to be cleansing, but end up stirring dirt into mud

Some say that the tears are overbearing and unhealthy

But, I say are quite caring

I care for those with spirits that are daring

I care for spirits that have a hard time sharing

I care for the simple lives and complex ones

I Love their gentle beginnings


Skip past the diaper rash

I watch the people as they pass

Through the trifle of everyday work, an underpass, or mountainpass

I see the dilapidated, and overworked

My eyes never fail to empathize with my heart

I see the anger held within, and the pain they let in

A Trojan horse within

A Trojan horse of invalidation that we’ve fed our soul

We’ve pushed past our gates, and inner walls to our heart

Only to bring forth a brood of bandits

We’ve paid to be there

In the grand system of intricate human beings


I see the pin

The deceptive pin

The one that they’ve tacked their life to be

As we grow, we are brought to the conclusion that we are

To have such a pin in which to decide our entire lives

So we rip our dreams out of our  past child’s tapestry

Growing will always be part of our future as humans

We must always burden ourselves with the unwanted thing to do

But one day, it is my hope that this will dissipate

A utopia in which humans are able to see

Not by force of law, or dictatorship,

But able to see this bittersweet vision

So that we may help our fellow person.

So that we may grow

Into the people we were meant to be.

I love you humanity, but you rip my heart out.


Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



This is so beautiful. So much TRUTH! I love your poems..keep up the good work


Omg thank you, I tried writing a story in my creative writing class, but about 25 pages in my teacher was like, umm, you should write poetry. So here is like one of my first few attempts, I wrote it in about 2 hrs, and it was just brain vomit, but I really liked the mood, and emotions. <3 Love is great my friend and fellow being :3 


This is one of your FIRST attempts at poetry?!?!? srsly?! OMG u have a gift. Every time I try to write "brain vomit" it's usually almost like actual vomit: gross and muddy and something you don't want to touch. But you are awesome!! Love, your friend and fellow being ;)


not even lying, your poem is pretty amazing. and other people think so too! did you not see that 54 people have read your poem? it's literally crazy

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