Oh How Joyful Would It Be

Oh how joyful would it be…

If America stayed true to its promise and everyone was truly free.

Oh how joyful would it be…

If you weren’t already in jail,

Locked up in your own body because being a woman is pure hell.


But let’s pledge to this nation,

This great nation.

One nation, under God, indivisible, for liberty, and justice for all.

But justice for who exactly?

None for the ones who don’t follow quote unquote laws.

None for the ones terrorized with hate

Because they chose the hand similar to their own as their date.

None for the ones who aren’t as straight as can be,

Kicked out and disowned by their own family.

None for the girl taken advantage of…

But the judge said “Oh she was intoxicated, she must’ve wanted it, it was love.”


Her skirt was too tight for him to resist.

“C’mon girl, I just want one little kiss.”

She was too weak to fend off his power,

Now we see who’s in charge and at the top of the tower.


“#AllLivesMatter, #NotAllGuys, look at the news -- women are gaining power.”

True, but who’s getting gunned down, slut-shamed, and look at their checks feeling sour. Because compared to the man working beside her…

His check says he works without her.

And all she can do is shut up and cower.

Smiling at demeaning remarks like, “Sweet girl, you’re as pretty as a flower.”

Now she’s crying in the shower…

Because her body not her work is praised every hour.


Oh how joyful it’d be if everyone was born with a crown.

But instead you’re automatically a criminal if you’re born brown.

My hands behind my back, I’m supposed to be under your protection.

But 3 seconds pass, no words spoken, yet shots are fired in my direction.


But one nation, freedom, and justice is all you preach.

So how come someone’s killed over religion, choice, skin color, and freedom of speech.


The freedom of practice seems like it’s against the law.

If it’s not Christianity, America just doesn’t care at all.

Freedom of speech works in favor of those who aren’t offended by the names.

By the jeering and insults that slowly drive you insane.

By the constant words screamed that make you feel as if you’re always being framed.

No, it gives an advantage to those behind the screen name.

The anonymous caller who doesn’t care that it’s a human life and not a game.


But America’s a place…

Where if you’re not a white man, your opinion is met with distaste.

It’s a space…

Where everything depends on race.

So can we really be shocked at this country’s state.


Oh how joyful would it be

If America wasn’t the home of the cowards but the land where everyone is truly free.


This poem is about: 
My country



Please could you remove the poem even i love it just for one or two week please it is really importante



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