Do A Little Digging For Me? (A Muslim's Point of View)

I know it's a bit much to ask for,

a little shameless, and a little rude to some, but

would you mind doing a little digging for me?

Would you mind pulling up the images of 9/11 you have stashed and locked up in your mind?

Here, I will too. 

Close your eyes.

Run those images of carnage, disgrace, injustice, cold-blood, falling buildings, screaming people-

through your bank of emotions.

Read the anger that is knotted in your tight lips, ma'am.

Or the confusion sprawled on your face

And the intensely wrinkled brow you now sport, sir.

Do you feel that fear bubbling?

Maybe that acidic, casutic hate?

Which you have wrapped perfectly in blind fury?

Well, open your eyes.

You think I didn't feel what you felt?


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