I'm Different

"You see I'm different,"

She said, "because

I'm just like the rest


As I walked down the street

They yell and they holler

Even as I turn and hide my breasts


At the bank she said

"Sweetheart, you're blessed"

I sneered "yes but at what cost"


I stood waiting for my date

The manager said, "work somewhere else"

And out I was tossed


As I was leaving for prom

My mother stopped me and said

"Honey you don't need to impress"


When I passed, I heard him slur

"Wow, what a prude"

Still I'm shunned for how I dress


Even though he was caught

They asked me

"What did you drink"


The boys in math told me

"You're so pretty,

I bet you don't even think"


"Vapid bitch" she mumbled

"Stupid slut" he swore

And still I wonder why


I was only sixteen

When I learned

Somethings money can't buy


"So yes," she said

"I'm just like the rest,

Taught to shame and be shamed


"But I'm different"

And so will you be when you learn

You are not to be blamed

This poem is about: 
Our world


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