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The “racist” men in blue, known for committing hate crimes

But no worries, it’s fine

We live in a society where people blame the ones who put their lives on the line everyday

To make sure no harm comes our way

We live in a society where the cops are seen as pigs who murder kids

However, each day they get up with a golden badge on their chest to protect us with little to no rest

But don't take me the wrong way, because we are the prey. 

They target us to believe, as if we are naive. The media only broadcasts what they want us to see: Violence, chaos, brutality. Not the children offering water to the standing SWAT team in Ferguson, Missouri

We live in a world full of hate; could it be too late?

Too late to believe in good cops anymore?

Why do we only hear about a cop breaking a person’s ribs 

And not a cop saving the life of a little kid

All the people we once honored: Prosecutors, Police Officers, Public officials 

Are all being judged too fast before we could even take the time to learn the facts

And the real facts are for someone who has spent their entire career speaking up on behalf of victims of crime and seeking justice for those who have had no voice. 

Do you know what it’s like to see your hero getting criticized for doing what she thinks is right?

Do you know what it's like to see people bashing the woman who gave you life:

Headlines repeating over and over in my head

“Cook County State’s Attorney, Anita Alvarez needs to resign,” “Anita Alvarez is the worst prosecutor in the world,” “Anita Alvarez is a liar and needs to be removed from office” “Anita Alvarez, Anita Alvarez, Anita Alvarez”

and for what? Doing her job? For wanting justice?

People who were once my friends can’t even look at me in the eye

all they see is me as the bad guy

the authority is the bad guy,

because we’re so quick to point fingers and blame

it is a shame to have our true heroes hidden behind faces of the media

The officer who might have missed their child’s first steps

Too busy protecting this city from theft.

Officer William Stacy. Rather than arresting a woman caught for stealing eggs to feed her family

he happily buys her the whole carton so she wouldn’t go hungry.

Does this look like a monstrosity? 

Can someone please explain why we blame the ones who want the same 


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