Hello world it's a beautiful day yes it is, young man livin' in america can't get much

better than this. 8:00am. "We have suddenly recieved news reports that a plane

hijacked by the group Al Queda has been flown into one of the twin towers."
Terror.. What started off as just a normal day in the world turned out to be a crisis

soon revealed to the world, why is this happening where are our parents are those

people in the tower alright? certianly most of them must be filled with fright.
Next plane hits and the next tower is the target, fear is at its all time largest.
My own side of the story is kind of a blur, I was only in first grade but even so the

pain still stirred. I saw my teacher break down into tears kids were leaving school

left and right, I had no clue what to do scared and alone all I could think was were

my parents going to come home tonight? Left school with my mom but couldn't

reach my dad, I kept thinking he better come home or mom is going to be real mad.
Twelve years later and that day brings back the horrific memories of losing so many

lives to those who wanted to install fear into every american heart,

but twelve years later we are rebuilding, you can not take away our happiness when

it was too strong to take from the start. The world came together for this horrific

event and showed what it meant to be a human being, those who wronged us

accomplished their mission but only for the time being. Remember this day and the

heros who risked their lives to keep us safe, give your condolences cause a lot of

families will be visiting tombstones on this specific date.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

nice job

very expressive

so much truth behiond this poem

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