Again and again and again and again.

Every two steps forward is one step back

People fight until they’re no longer standing,

And no one stops to help them up.

The world keeps turning,

It doesn’t even hesitate.

We make the same mistakes,

We know we should be ashamed,

Yet we continue on.


Again and again and again.

We say “this time it will change,”

But it doesn’t.

The keys on the piano are still black and white,

Being played by the same people.

Different songs,

but the same broken melodies

We try to write new ones, but we can’t.

So we give up,

We stop trying,

We expect someone else to do it.


Again and again.

We have to blame others for our own mistakes.

It’s our world too,

And it needs fixing.

But we can’t even afford to put a single bandaid on it, No.

We have to stop another black boy and shout,

“Put your hands up” he freezes,

But he’s already shot.


Before he could even make his change,

He was gone.

We kill.

We think that’s the way to fix our broken world.

Lives end at our own hand,

Because we’re too afraid to face our own mistakes.

“It’s their fault not ours”.


Again. Until it becomes forever.


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Our world
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