Dear Mr.President


Another war in the name of peace

The rehearsed lie that you speak

Your deceptive words are at a peak

If you try to steal Liberty, she will make a creak


You are selected, not elected

Like your fellow chosen precedes

War on Terror is all thanks to Bush

Now please give a huge round of applause to Eisenhower

Otherwise what would have been of the Vietnam War?

Nonexistent such as the truth you speak


You say you want to end terrorism?

That’s funny because all it has to do with is capitalism

The bloody stack of bills point to your hands

That even Neptune’s ocean can’t wash away

Oil and gas is the price for the bloodshed of innocent lives


Oh dear, what has come out of my mouth?

Will you hold me liable for treason?

Will you crush me like a bug?

Will you flush me down the toilet?

The very one America is being flushed down


What has become of the land of the free and the home of the brave?


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