White Silence is Violent

Hot topic time, what about race?

It’s a great moment to talk about the issue staring us in our face.

You see, during the Great Depression Black people had it the worst.

They were all fired so that white people got jobs first.

According to the Library of Congress, half the People of colour were out of jobs

And no one cared, and then they blamed the angry mobs.

They white folks got bored, they had no money and a lot of time

So they got together and killed like cowardly slime.

People with family, frends, kids, bunk mates

The lynching numbers grew to twenty eight

History. com tells us about war benefits denied

To the African American heroes who put their lives on the line

The GI bill revoked for some folks

When those people had high hopes

For housing and financial support from a country they had protected

But they ask for their share and their questions are deflected

The Economic Policy Institute shows the wage gap

From slavery to domestic, there is a pay cap

There’s a blaring difference between the blue and the white collar

Even today black men make almost 70 cents to the white man’s dollar.

The New Deal, redlining, discrimination in projects FDR creates

But then he refuses to fix them and make political waves.

*From Britannica, Civilian Conservation Corps segregating the workers

How can they get jobs when there are racist lurkers?

Federal Housing Administration denying loans in white neighborhoods

How is there β€œequality” when black people are denied things that are good?

Oyex. org tells us the case of Loving v. Virginia

Where black can marry white regardless of outside opinion

Colleges discriminated, and JFK tried for change

But Affirmative Action is now banned in 9 states.

You think things have changed?Β  Think again.

2020 is cursed, and it’s too late to make amends.

*Police violence and brutality

They aren’t all bad, but the biased ones stick out to me*

*Back then, they couldn’t look into a white lady’s eyes

No they can’t breathe around a cop without losing their lives.*

George floyd, Breonna Taylor, David Mcatee

This is all in the last month, and they still can’t see

Exactly why in America people are upset

It seem like no one is satisfied with the rights they get

Rightful protests, change is coming around

Will you be on the right side of history,

Or another person who didn’t make a sound?


This poem is about: 
My country



im assuming you are talking about the lynching of Emmett Till when you say "Back then, they couldn't look into a white lady's eyes". That is really powerful! I've gotta say this poem was like a quick history lesson on my race and i learned a lot. I appreciate you putting your talent on here.


I'm so glad!Β  If even one person likes or benefits from my writing, I've done my job.Β  I'm the daughter of two police officers, so it's difficult for me to take part in this movement the way I would like to.Β  It reassures me that at least my writing can help my voice be heard.

I send you good vibes.Β  Stay safe out there.Β  <3

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