Open Your Eyes


Is this what it's come to

a world where war is all we've been through

United States of America "together we stand"

but the only time we all stood, was when a crisis was a-foot

when's the last time you've seen someone stand up when it was necessary

open your eyes....

it's no longer a race thing, it's a world thing

it's a shame when a man, woman, boy, or girl can be murdered in cold blood and nobody sees anything

and if they actually do see it it was an accident or self defense

open your eyes..

where's my defense where's our justice

where are all the things that our ancestors fought so hard for

I go to the same school in the same place at the same time and I see injustice everyday

Becky and Annie can walk through those doors with a skirt so short that u can see all she's made of

And the teacher's turn their head like they don't see it and if they do send them to the office she gets a pass

it's cool cause she's somewhat or somewhat of a friend

but if Marissa or anyone else of a different ethnic background walk through that same door with the slightest bit of skin showing it's an issue

"send her home" "give her an infration" "call your mom and bring a change of clothes"

but this is supposed to be our "home away from home" but all I got is problems that I don't need

Welcome to my world, our world, this world the way I see it

I gotta throw away and turn away from colleges because i don't have enough money to give them

Scrapping up nickels and dimes quarters and pennies to get everything I need and on occasisons a few things I actually want 

OPen yours eyes for a just a moment and realize the things that are true and the injustices that we all face some more than others

the injustices that i've faced run deeper than i could ever explain and range from more things than i could tell

that's why this oppurtunity means so much because i need this

i want to be lifted up sp i can lift up others and give back the way I need to

OPen your eyes... 


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