Climate, Jobs, Justice

The environment, it is our sacred right;

We live it, we breathe it, but we don’t acknowledge its might.


Burning ourselves alive, we don’t see who’s deprived.

Yelling, ’America is free!’ Yeah, that’s okay with me,

But look at all the countries that are suffering ‘cause of ‘we.’

The people need to see the truth about the economy.


Green energy vs dinero, people think they aren’t close;

In developing communities, here we can have both!


I am an individual, college is next;

Yet my mind is driven on how to stop the excess

Use of fossil fuels for all of our daily tools.

The technology is here, we can change the rules.


Kolbert and Carson, they are my inspiration.

I battle everyday to follow this inclination.

The extinctions are numerous, silence from the spring.

See the nature everyday and I just want to sing,

But watching the TV, you don’t see the pain;

It’s all a movie, hidden by money and fame.


Bangladesh, India; floating schools and agricultural pools;

The sea level is rising, why isn’t that on the news?

Water is no longer, 1.5 million in hunger;

The Syrian refugees, those that were farmers who used to plow.

Out of work, need a job right now.

Flee to the city, bombs rain, Aleppo…wow.


This nation, it pushes for wealth in money, that’s all nice;

But do we forget about health, and how we could contaminate their rice.

Standing Rock stands, and I do too;

Day by day, people sign my petition, but will they pursue?


I see low-income communities, water contaminated by lead,

Flint is just one, so many harm black children’s heads.

It’s the definition of racism, how can’t you see?

These places are dictated by the sins of one big company.


Our government lies, but we come together.

Solidarity as one, we can storm the weather.


To build a sustainable future, that’s the goal.

Must uplift others and collate, I will find my role.

Education in action, the progress will be made.

If we all stand together, our message cannot fade.


This is only phase one, we ain’t just dust in the wind.

Attack on the media, Mr. Prez is just tryna rescind.


But when we come together, damn, we reach new heights.

People's Climate March in DC, yeah we showed Trump our might.


Us dust, we can form a wall;

A perpetual sandstorm, we could change it all.


To the University, I’m trying to go.

It’s not about me though,

It’s ‘what can we do to make this world grow?’


I want to go to college, I hope this isn’t gibberish;

I have a real dream, I want to make a difference.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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Tim Irish

Hey guys! This is really one of the first poems I've ever written. I'm not sure what people will think but I wanted to highlighy to American hypocrisy when using the term "freedom" along with an integration of environmental injustice and environmental racism. I hope you like it!


I enjoyed reading this!

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