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Societies that value women and men are safer and healthier Before that "What is gender equality?" Gender equality is achieved when all genders enjoy the same rights and opportunities accross sector of society
Paths strides in curves  Time tours in curls God birthed Paths and Time  God is infinitely feminine. 
Dear Kid, Wow man, hey, you missed a lot. You laughed with your friends when you never got caught.  You know now your older, and all the things they said, were all just stupid lies that  they used to fill your head. 
Dear Kid, Wow man, hey, you missed a lot. You laughed with your friends when you never got caught.  You know now your older, and all the things they said, were all just stupid lies that  they used to fill your head. 
You ask me why, But it is so hard to answer. Because even I don't know. How to form the words, How to describe my thoughts, How to describe my feelings. I am not fluent. My mind cannot be translated.
A pretty pink caterpillar plays her part perfectly She knows what’s expected of her Though sometimes she wonders… What if she doesn’t want to be pretty and pink?
There was a child Who always smiled. But his life was becoming wild He had hundreds of questions piled, In his struggling mind. He was 'Polly'for all, But he found joy on being called 'Paul. '
Everybody is equal  No one is differnent Due to color or race We treat people equal   Love is Love We smile when we see it  We all love, it is a guarantee But it is up to you to believe 
  A girl half alive half dead She never really was alive But I have always loved her Her soft and gentle hands that I adore in all who touch mine
Their are some fish that can change their gender Imagine if humans could do the same Depending on population, or depending on our feelings.
I was very very very broken Nothing but sharp objects and dark places; gone boy The fog was so thick around me All i could see was one shining light
Sometimes i like to get high on beaches at night time I like to inhale the chemicals And exhale my fears I like the feeling of the sand Cool and soft and silky
it’s easy to be lonely in the lights of this city wondering why you can never look me in the eyes when you tell me that im pretty  
i am sorry i let you  stain your hands  in my dark places i am sorry i watched you ignore the orange signs “danger ahead”
i took my life in my own hands and i decided to resuscitate myself  i folded my hand over the other and beat down on my chest i forced air into my lungs
i see you in fucking santa clarita. fucking that bitch that will never fucking love you that will never treat you like me- that will never protect you,
full disclosure i think about you more often then i would like to i think about you when i see little things certain flowers remind me of your smile
you have a million suitors  anyone who meets you becomes entranced by your beauty the better men try to look a little deeper
i want to write about happy things so i find myself thinking of your lips i find myself hoping that tonight i’ll finally get to kiss you- at least in my dreams
no matter how much bleach i use the blood stains won’t go away i’m scrubbing and scrubbing the floorboards the wood turned cherry  
they tell me “you don’t want to die” after i tell them how badly i want to die no, i do want to die i want to sleep myself
i’m all alone in this glass house Swallowing jack under a pink sky there’s blood on the driveway keeping a knife in the pocket of my jeans
i’m all alone in this glass house Swallowing jack under a pink sky there’s blood on the driveway keeping a knife in the pocket of my jeans
Love is all in vain The vulnerability Romanticized There is nothing romantic about this pain There is nothing i love about hurting
When you look at me What do you see? Should I be in a tree Or playing with Barbies? Racing the boys Jumping rope with the girls? Can't I just get sick In a tilt-a-whirl? Why must I choose
the ice learned that she did not have to be rigid like the earth she clung to. laughing, calling out for themself, they reached out, let the sun in,
My gender is a writhing thing in the corner    I poke it with a stick every so often to see how it will move.   My sex is a warm pink alien I cup in my hand
I am human above all else.
I grew up in a suburb I grew up in a suburb full of white people I went to school with only a hand-full of minority students
Maybe marrying a man might help Men make me merry... Might make me malicious or murder me, But men might make me moneyed My G-d Molly men aren’t monsters
The blunt truth is, for most of us, it fits A social construct is all the natter Meaning it’s definition changes and shifts However, it is not all that matters  
We are all placed in two boxes at birth   Boy or girl? Is always the main question   But there are many more genders on earth   Sometimes we don’t fit into a binary pre-possession  
Comin' up in this confusing world You're not sure if you're a boy or a girl You told me not to tell your parents But could your haircut make it any more apparent?   Somebody help me get through this
This is a confession, handcuffed, miranda righted confession I killed a girl. I killed a girl and I liked it but- I hate to say that she never existed.
shadows fading swirling pulling tugging  taking me into a world that ill never control "it's dangerous" they whisper what living?   is it dangerous because I'm different
it’s not about being sensitive it’s not about being a social justice warrior it’s not about being PC and no i’m not triggered   it’s about feeling safe it’s about feeling comfortable
this life it’s jovial, isn’t it ?   sprouted with his anger, his disbelief, his lack of acceptance but her
Hey you. Yeah, I mean you. Mind if I rant to you a bit? I know it’s weird of me to ask this,but I need to rant to anyone at this point.
The Older Boys   I had always felt younger than all the other boys. My pretty pink Strawberry Shortcake bicycle, and long dirty blonde hair.
I don't care if your here I dont care if you're not I don't care if your a woman I don't care if you're a man I don't care if you're young I don't care if you're old
To the person in my aisle picking up the box of mini wheats, I know.   To the person in my aisle who my mom had to look at twice to see if they were a boy or girl,I understand.  To the person in my aisle who people won’t stop whispering about,don’
water wraps around my legs sticky with salt and bone numbing wisdom   my fingertips stroke murky clouds billowing across the sea’s glass
Hush!   See that glowing of the river-nymph, skin lit with the sun’s admiration? Trust the slow glide of the wind’s tresses to lead her back to home. She dances with a flame that sears
I am the boy who wakes up every morning, Only to see the girl in the mirror mocking him.   Her round face. Her curves. Her breasts. All knives thrown at me, Trying to break my bones.  
  I want to find the words The words to explain explain how I feel as a kid today   You try to listen
To those who want witchery dead, Tread carefully, You could find me in your bed. When you're drunk on cheap tequila potions, And I'm lonelier than sin, I'll play up the magic
To the You from that night: I hope that you know.   Did you consider the torment, that trickled broken onto the sheets? Or that my silence was
I He tells me He knows me better than I know myself.             and maybe the glare from empty beer bottles can predict the future. And if He knows me better than I know myself, then maybe it’s good i don’t call.
Adjusting the disgusting bra on my chest, I flip ratty, old dress over my head. Glancing in the mirror, I feel so wrong.  
Dear Childhood, I wish I had gotten to know you better How long ago was it that I left? It was certainly early
My collorbones like handles poking through my skin The rungs of a ladder to pull me out and set me free And when I pull to climb out of this wretched body I feel instead myself crumble and fold within
Whether it be an entrepenuer or street vendor, It's up to you to decide your gender, But to the people around you, It's not so easy, Sometimes you're clueless, it's true, And the stress makes you queasy.
AIDS, AIDS. It is out there. Regardless of gender, HIV/AIDS taint anyone. AIDS test.
Hi, my name is Kai and I am gender-fluid. Well, that's not what my birth certificate says But it's who I am nowadays. I enjoy living in my own fantasies. A place in my mind where I can be anything.
I am trapped in the closet, Such a scary place, With monsters around me, About to bite my face.   I hold on for dear life, Day after day, Waiting, just waiting, Will I fade away?  
Dear my dysphoria, You may seem invisible to the rest of the world, but I see you. You’re always there in the corner of my mind. On good days, you stick to yourself, just staring me down.
Everytime I see the doctor, I pretend to be who they want me to, Or who they think I am.   For I know if I tell them, They'd invalidate me instead:   "You are female." "Forget about it."
Am I not human, For having the courage, To stand up, And embrace who I am?   I am no different from you, We eat the same food, Breath the same air, Is it just because I wear a binder,
a woman so full in her figure and bright her mind is the most beautiful presence on this celestial rock (her curves so soft) my hands stroking her thighs and gripping her waist she (moans)
You are my rock. When I need you, you're always there. You are like a blanket from my childhood. When I need your comfort you are there to wrap around me. You are like the ocean.
Dear motherland When can I come home? I sleep On a bed A hundred wars Away from you. The air is cold
I have a black friend  And I have a white friend 
Everyday girls stand on the scales, and cry. They look in the mirror and cry. They look at themselves, see themselves as fat when they are fading away to skin and bone.  
We do not have to plead our case For he took our place Tracing back-to Genesis When we were molded by His grace
I stood before the world and the world said to me: You are black to you are a gangbanger. I stood before the world and the world said to me: You are asian so you are a geek.
Dear Mom, You always tell me That I am your beautiful girl.You always tell me that no matter what I do,what I say,what I wish;I will always be the daughter youAre so proud of, and the one you love. When you sit down to brush my hair,You convince m
America the Great. America that is mixed like a blender but judges based on race  and a someone's gender.    America the Great. Why do you hate me? Is it the color of my face?
America, the brave? More like America the Slave. Founded on the oppression Of millions, and millions. Our ideals of freedom are only for those
For men, there is no ceiling to hit, nothing restricting them, But for women, there is a glass ceiling. They can see through it, they can see what they could have.
Hello, I'm Diamond, or at least I would like to be, If I told you that I was, you would have to believe me. But I could be someone else, An imposter or traitor, criminal or spy,
Who gave you the right to use us at your disposal? In the end,  you'll be alone--- like an empty vessel stuck with resinating regret.  Are you aware that you're leading to your own self destruction? 
Red, White, and Blue. Such beautiful colors that wave high above, Lately though all I see is Black, White, and Brown. Funny how three colors can unite us, funny how they divide us.
America made me, half believing in my dreams half knowing I would have to fight for my life battling the words meant to kill me, giants spitting words 
 it’s not easy to explain, or maybe it’s easy But i just don’t know the right words or maybe i have the right words
That great flag flys high above us, it says freedom for all Freedom for all has some terms and conditions though Must be of a light or fair skin tone Must be of a christian denomination Must be a man
The sun beamed down onto me and my friend, quickly melting our popsicles Tss... tss... tss... we would sit on the steps and watch the sprinkler He took off his shirt and ran through it
Getting misgendered Feels like someone has poured acid in my heart. It feels like someone decided to reach into my chest and pinch a bit of my muscle off for themselves. I feel lonely, unreal
Pride The highest misconception is fluorescent colors are all that surrounds me daily I carry my “gayness” around like it’s a trophy
I was born this way.And because I was born this way, I was given a keyboard.Every child gets one.My keyboard has about 88 keys.Maybe less. Maybe more.It just depends on what you see when you look out the window.
Look at those lines on him.What are you talking about? Those are not lines.Look at those lines on him, oh no.He cannot have lines.Look at those lines on him!He will be fine.
  waking up brings more questions than answers. i am forced into consciousness and to a decision: who will i be today?  
They've written "pink" in permanent ink on everything I own: my body's curves, my voice's verve - they scratched it into stone. The word is there on everything I have and have not known - 
I am not a girl or a woman or a bitch - not a daughter or a lady or a mistress or a maybe - I invite the saints to hate me for my gender's inner glitch - for the figure in my coding 
Girls, by definition, Are female children And females, by design, they Have a vagina
I want to see more buff guys holding butterflies and wearing beautiful garments, unfathomed that it could ever tamper their masculinity. Love your femininity or masculinity unconditionally.
If only He made me a beautiful nymph, Though I do not mean to question my existence, But I do. You know who I love, What and who I want to love, As who I am for that lover,
There’s never been a way out of it, these gender roles, these confinements, these chains you put on me weighing me down. It’s either pink or blue, black white, rich poor, minority majority.
My breasts are a burden To myself and sadly society. My breasts are a burden Because when I wake up in the morning they get in the way of me seeing my feet. My breasts are a burden
I go walking down the street in my local town, just like you. I catch the same bus to go to work everyday, just like you. I browse some shops and buy food to provide for myself, just like you.
What the fuck am I A girl or a guy Why can't I decide On which side I lie I dream of removing my breasts Shaving my head Having muscles cut out of marble I want to scream
Love is love, but we frown upon certain kinds. I remember when I was scared to let the world knowthe kind of love that I like. Hiding a relationship...Four years to be exact. Hurting myself and my partner.
Roses are red, violets are blue, I wish I had as much privilege™ as you. I wish I could get away with being As generic, As white, As male, And as ignorant and original™
I’m pretty sure that public bathrooms might just be the most important invention of our modern world, I mean think about it,
we've been told  our whole lives  who we are  our identity carved into our skin and hidden underneath our dresses
my sister is blonde and she is one of the smartest people I know my friend is muslim and she has the kindest soul I'm on the transgender spectrum I am not confused
The color of one’s skin Is not where they begin There should be no racism We’re all human   A gender is a gender
  Every time someone would ask me my sexuality, I would feel the words get caught in my throat And I’d try my hardest not to swallow them down.
I am a girl. Who feared men her entire life until she tasted one. Her fear turned to envy and became addicted to them and the sense of pride accompanied by their friendship. Pride was the key ingredient in her attempt to conquer.
Stark and hardened is the visage of a man who stands stoic and scarred with hands marred from the toil of his existence ••••• Once embodied more than this worn leather-skinned exterior
This skin does not belong to me it is merely borrowed.  A place in which I only temporarily reside.  My skin is not yet finished.  My time has not yet come.  But it will. 
There's a sickness in society It's called sexuality Where everyone wants to reach out and touch And choose what they want Who they want What label they want And with every touch it seems to spead
Please don't touch me For I'm afraid Of all the things you'll somehow see And the fact that I'll be made The truth is simple And it goes as thus There is no kind touch that may lull
the world i live in is so ignorant . we base our choices off how others will react .
Oh to have a beard, that is my dearest wish.  I am so smooth and hairless just like a little fish.    It would be smooth and silky like ladies underwear
From a young age,
There are parts of me that I expressed That are now only memories.
Dripping with blood and tears, Flavored with death and pain and fear; Poison on the way down.   Everything is wrong;
You are either a girl or a boy, and that's it, right?You can be one or the other, not both and not neither.That's what I've been told, and I try to believe it with all my might,But I know how I feel, you don't.
When life has lost meaning and everything seems slow and nothing's moving forwards yet so does the show the grass blows lagging to the past when it all just looks the same
What Crevecoeur said about America being a melting pot is true! My teachers and mentors say that is more like a stew. However let me prove it to you For once I explain then I can tell you my troubles
Fiametta Under the layers of our years, Beneath that wizened crust,  sleeps the ageless spirit that once set fire to our eyes.
      I'm broken but I'm strong, I'm flawed but I'm still beautiful in my own way, and I'm different but maybe different is a good thing.
Personality quizzes usually comes with two answers.
Gray business doesn't seem to matter,
Coffee Paper   We filter our pictures because others can’t filter their words,
Without a filter, I am seen.
Behind the cameras, the broken records, melacoly videos, lies a shy person trying to hide from it all.   Behind the little makeup, forced dresses, wanted suits of old, they sleep,
I hate what oppression has done for my group. "Maybe you just haven't found the right man yet."   I hate what oppression has done for my group. "Who treated you wrong?"  
I'm interesting
Growing up in a rural town, a child is planted in a foundation based on a few societal beliefs That God is the only un-defyable truth in life and societal obedience defines your worth
Institutionalized hatred
These bandages covering my body, 
I felt society's idea of "normal" slipping through my fingers Like a handful of sand. 
Help! I’m trapped.   I’m being held inside myself, I get asked… Are you a boy? Are you a girl? What are you? Why do you dress like that? What is wrong with you?  
Why am I different? Why am I shunned? Words you have said with no intent of apology I am stunned. Like a bee your words stung. I was a princess, now I feel homeless. No disrespect intended.
A smile, A laugh. Calculative, precise. "What a beautiful young Woman you are, ready to please the perfect Man that is required for a  Healthy Happy  Normal life."
I can’t chew on the thought that’s begot Rotting inside like they thought I forgot When they couldn’t see me gnashing my fangs against my iron-wrought cage, the fangs, their bangs-
Transgender A word that brings Fear.   That brings dysphoria, confusion, invasive questions Fear of entering another's home and being attacked By their transphobic parents  
As a woman I am told to be quiet Keep it down They try to keep me down Below you, looking up On my knees, I exist only in ways that service you They want me to hear, not to speak  
Every day I wake up in the wrong body   The misconceptions it causes   make me feel less like a miss   and more like a mistake  
I Exist Though you may try to find some sort of bubble to put me in To maybe keep my unnaturalness from trying to infect you To maybe make yourself feel better when you can "see past it"
When you saw me walk into your restaurant I doubt that th first thing you thought about was asking me what my preferred pronuns might be Instead, what I'm sure came to mind was: "Shaved underarms bu hairy legs
It feels soft, smooth, curves at the bust.
Para ustedes
You told me, that one day, I would be the Queen of my own kingdom. You said that the bullying would stop, and that I wouldn't remember all the hateful words that had been said to me.
  His skin color does not mean to violence he is keen Skin color can't tell what lies within a person, be it cruel or kind
i want to wear pastels and cute skirts and expensive stockings but i hate it when people call me a "girl"
"she" is a word i am starting to hate   not inherently only when used for me   and i say in my head "'they' or 'it', please"   but silence is king
we are forever mute a community of silence   we speak loud and clear to have words snapped up by our brethren   they all say "speak up" and we do
A woman is fierce and strong, The lioness, warrior princess – Strong female character with elbows out, fists raised, Steadfast gaze Glaring at the camera, Defying the lens of gender stereotypes.  
There should be an absoluteness of beauty simply in the act of being a woman.  
I wish on broken stars, because the bright ones give off too much light. The feeble stars, with fractured points and fading colours, too fragile to fix, but strong enough to hold wishes.
I need feminism, because I can't leave my legs unshaven without being told it's wrong. I need feminism, because if a man shaves his legs he's told he's "feminine", "girly", and "gay"
A human body is made up of trillions of cells Those cells form together to make people People vary in size from babies the size of a hand To still growing adults above eight feet tall
When did male become synonymous with strong? When did female mean delicate.   
  I’m a firm believer in a shatterable glass ceiling. And before you ask No. I haven’t shattered it yet.   In fact I haven’t even seen it yet. Haven’t come close to its heights  
“God hates”
My hair My eyes My height All things I could change But what I would change is something much more  It not about myself, its about the world Rather than helping one sole, It would help much more
I'm tired of walking down the streets With girls gripping my arms in fear Fear of catcalls Fear of men Fear of bigots and most of all: Fear of people without respect   I'm tired of hearing
Imagine a world of no conflictNo anger, no murder, no war   A world of respect   Where the color of your skin doesn’t matterWhere which side of the tracks you grew upon makes no change  
The emphasis placed on between the legs Is what is reflected in the world today We have become so consumed with a person's sex That it takes precedence over the person they are Who they will become
If I could change one thing It would be so that the world could stop hating. It would be so that the color of my skin, The religion that I practice, The people whom I choose to love,
I was born with this bodybreasts, cunt, curves and a certainsoftnessthat means I can't be the action herothe saviorthe martyr
The world we live in is a mess but we can fix it. We need everyone to try and no one to quit.   Some people are fat, some people are gay some people have blue hair and some people have tattoos.
  Gender   Who are they to say You must act and dress a certain way “Ladies knee length skirts, guys suit and tie!” When gender is more than meets the eye Both, neither, one, or what fits
When humans were created By whatever force it was  They were divided in two
Don't call me a female that's not me always told I'm wrong by society but I'm not wrong don't even try rejections sharp sting won't make me cry I am strong I am true I'm just me
I weep for every woman that is beaten for not having dinner ready for her husband when he comes home. I weep for every girl that is sold into sex trade, Forced to give their bodies away.
#YOWO And I loved a girl with pain etched into her lips and death written along her soul. Art poured from her fingertips and poetry was carved into
I found out the prickling under Gap kids cotton, Is what you must buy and bury in closet trunks. The folded feminine other flesh made your marriage rotten. And Moms sick of campy pantyhose that stink like frothing funk.
Hermaphrodite. Tranny. Freak. These are just some of the words that have been used to describe me. I have learned to answer the offenders as nicely as I can even though I should be the one asking the questions, like,
Placed Prominently In permanentPerpetually Painful Positions; What is women?  
  Teacher, open your eyes! You are feeding them all lies! We are living in a society so enwrapped with gender, I imagine myself becoming a bender. Not only of rules, regulations, and taboo,
M  ountains of work, bills, burden-- the family must be fed. A  nd a young man's dreams? N  o.   they don't exist.   W  orried silver threads O  ver the sink, bubbles sliding on wrinkles
I remember a time Back when I was just a little girl I could be friends with you In my mind you were my world Back then, making friends
Look! Look! Look! Brown, hazelnut eyes Shutter and shift accordingly As long, unorthodox lashes brush away dust mites Teeth yellow growing green Tongue hairier than the green goblin's spleen
Unlike you, my copper skin glazes in the sun. And my almond eyes twinkle. Unlike you, I sweat the fruits of my labor, and make my living plucking from your collection of cotton. Unlike you,
Equality Just you and me. Why is there discrimination For race and orientation? Why do we judge one another When we could use care to smother? Underneath it all we're the same,
And suddenly it hits me like a punch in the gut that I can BE all these beautiful things I read: I can cut off my hair and wear fishnet stockings and clomp around in big black boots and I
I think that we’ve killed romance.
Discrimination Five syllables more venomous than a rattlesnake bite. More painful than a little girl not getting her kiss goodnight. We all know what it is, Yet we act as though the impact is nothing.
She was Born to be Judged Judged to be Born, She inspired those of her color, Those of her class, Those of her gender, To be something more, To defy what people thought of her,
I look around at the world of which I'm a part of, and then I always ask a simple question: Where is all the love? I cannot be at peace when people are not free. This is not how we were meant to be.
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