An Unoriginal™ Poem

Roses are red, violets are blue,

I wish I had as much privilege™ as you.

I wish I could get away with being

As generic,

As white,

As male,

And as ignorant and original™

But I just happen to be an unoriginal minority™

A black,



who is advised to be the designated black friend™,

Who is white on the inside, black on the outside

A perfect Oreo™

Who assimilates and accepts white, suburban ignorance

But still has to be just as aware that

I may not be treated the same.


Roses are red, violets are blue,

I wish I could be as widely accepted as you

I wish I could be allowed to be as problematic,

As casually sexist,

As casually racist,

As prejudice and original™

And get away with it as just having an

Unpopular opinion™

You're original™ yet, I'm considered

A common black girl™,

A dissatisfied minority™,

A social justice warrior™,

Because I don't agree

And because I can't see how original™

You are compared to me.


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