Therefore. Gotten In. Side View.

I can’t chew on the thought that’s begot

Rotting inside like they thought I forgot

When they couldn’t see me gnashing my fangs

against my iron-wrought cage, the fangs, their bangs-

             Scraping melodies of ribcages fragile.

I thought I was a dragon, indestructible beast

Of fire and anger and sarcasm heat

            (a little too spicy for my own mouth--)

But it just grew hotter and hotter,

like the acid that crawled up my throat,

And I spilled on the white tiled floor.

Bottled beast for sale! I could scream from the mountains while

My tongue made fountains and my stomach made more.

But you can break up big beasties into tiny wrought pieces,

You can tuck them away.              Can tuck.             Away.

Can tuck and.     Amuck and.       Just push them.                Astray.

Therefore. Gotten in. Side view.


So all the king’s horses and all the king’s men,

Don’t put the pieces



So I put on a face and myself in my place but I look and I question and look and oh my!

Which one is me? Which one am I?

All boy bits and girl bits and not bits, non-bi?

Not here or--                                                                                             Not here or—


                                                                Not here, all the by!

So I shrouded myself while I go out at night,

Or in day, or in mid, or just, oh, in all light,

For I questioned my birth and my person inside, but

No one to know. No one to see.

Chop it back up into piece after piece.

For who?             Was to help?      If it could?           Not be me?

Therefore. Gotten in. Side view.


I tucked up my tummy. I hid, gender jaded

As my trust and my must and my real self faded,

And in the shadows came out, there it was, no surprise

What would be my latest and greatest disguise.

But I learned to un-shield, now I’ve lowered the mask

And I’ve de-shouldered the burden and took on the task

As all the king’s forces and all the king’s friends

Put that strong dragon together again.

And put all. The pieces. The burdens. Away.

The darkness. The troubles. The strife. Now are few.

Therefore. Gotten in. Side view.

They’re forgotten inside of you.

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