On Gender Confonformity

Whether it be an entrepenuer or street vendor,

It's up to you to decide your gender,

But to the people around you,

It's not so easy,

Sometimes you're clueless, it's true,

And the stress makes you queasy.


The expectations of those around,

Are baffled when you wear a gown,

And when you wear a fresh suit,

Compliments are all you get,

Little do they know what's really you,

Anxiety builds up with tons of sweat.


To be who you truly are,

Is not so easy or so hard,

Than telling yourself more or less,

That the naysayers don't even matter,

Your only care should be to try your best,

And let the love that you do get be your batter.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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