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                                            I thought I loved you But I am beginning to love you more And more
Only 21:00 Dressed to kill, we arrive shots clink under a disco ball I sparkle, silhouette sublime   Only 22:00 Too early in the night to give up The club is empty of good talk
you don't love me like the others, and i don't mean that in the way that they usually do.i can tell by the way you comb through my hair with your fingers or the way you hold me when you're sleeping i can see it in your eyes when you make me laugh.
boiling coffee come expeditious burn my palate ash her so vicious mistresses kisses sweet and delicious thoughts of us pleasures malicious   bitter coffee
Tonight I stood with you   Put my arm through yours   I had forgotten how it felt  
More than heartbreak A sore heart, my heart is sore. The heartbreak fades but the  Scars are just now healing. These scars will last forever. A man has broken me. Will I be redeemed? no.
I know my worth and I add a tax Tax for all the men who came before you Oh, don't forget the interest  Intrest for all the time I spent waiting on you You pay the intrest then you pay your bill
To be loved by a woman like me  To be worthy of that kind of Love God himself must've kissed you. Are you truly deserving? Can you handle this kind of freedom to Love. To let go of what you know 
A Love that consumes you, Makes you feel alive, Yet gives you peace. Makes you have hope for the future  And content with your past. True Love that doesn't lie or get jealous,
The rooster's crow warns me that dawn has comeMy sleepy eyes resist my need to riseI blindly reach for her but she is goneThen hear a sound that much to my surpriseReveals she hasn't left but still is near
Long lost lovers reunite at break A world free from woes, a world without pain. From every passing night to every blooming day, The warmth of the sun distants itself from the age.
you are a work of art.   from far away, you look absolutely perfect.   but when i'm standing in front of you, all of your gritty details show themselves loud and clear.  
This is to the dreamers  To the star crossed lovers to the ex-bestfriends And the hopeless wonders  This is to the sleepless nights 
We were once friends too Until stronger feelings came We laughed and talked just like you two until we realized So dont tell me not to be jealous  Bcs we were once just friends too 
I feel a puppet with many masters I wanna be free To feel something real To be wanted and desired Loved For more than the physical To be deeply and madly in love To be held when I’m cold To stop crying Why does it have to hurt so bad Like a never
There's something different about todayMaybe I'm the only onewho'll notice itbut it's better than nothing  
i read this somewherei have a thousand things to tell youand thousands reasons not tothat really hit home  
are you afraid of me or ? do i scare you? because trust me if you are i'd  be so disappointed i'll sleep knowing that i evoked the wrong feelings
She laid snugly in her bed as if she had nothing to do. She peered out her glass window
I came from the moon- A crater left in the wake  Of a girl who couldn't stay still The changing faces of my father Trying to find the daughter he carved- Never content because he can't find me
When God crumpled the stars And made people Scattering these borrowed atoms across The earths skin Did he await the day that I would find you?   And as our ancestors died and rejoined the stars
Maybe it was too much what I put you through, in the end I always thought of me and you.I asked you to hold on when things were rough, you tried to hide it but I could see things were tough.When I shouldn't have been lonely I was, in those times I
He says: “You’re beautiful” And I smile. He lies to me over and over again, But I don’t mind anymore. He’s the only person I know Who lies just to make me smile.   He kisses my neck,
The ammount of love that I offer is uncomparable to anything you might think.Because, the truth is, that I give my heart to many.And everytime, I surprise myself by finding,There is always more to give.
Sometmes you're better off alone, Than to be with someone who isn't "home". They may feel like it when you're there, But hindsight is 20/20 in cleared air. Being alone isn't always being lonely, 
Dear Rose,  
Our love Exists between Every star In the universe
Wow, he walks in the door,  My heart flutters as he give me our daily kiss,  He smells like safety and security,  His smell is one of the things I love most about him,  He has no idea how much I love him, 
In this life, we are taught to feel as though we need to be filled to continue to flow. The words of our loved ones can  encourage our growth,  but what happens when that isn't necessarily so?  
your eyes are as bright as the twinkling starson a cloudless nighteveryone can’t help but to stop and stareat the beauty of the earthuncovered in the night skygracefully dipped in moonlight
Because I love you Means asking how your day was Or what you want to eat.   I love you means "I've got you," I'll never let you fall to your feet.   It means something deeper
Because I love you I relinquish my heart's repel I succumb to your tenderness my mind under your spell   Because I love you my heart once ice, now is fire once mummified, now released
How can I tell you I love you? How many ways can I make it known to you? I love you as one would love someone who deserves more than just my love.
I need you like I need silence, But tonight I can't have either. Harsh words of lovers creep through this house. Love is fake. I know it is. I'm too smart to believe in it but I pretend to.
Baby, I will always love you like no other. Though words can't capture these feelings, the few I have come from the deepest parts of me. Like a loving bear, I will cross the oceans for you.
Dreaming of the day When I discover the way you walk The way you smell The way your voice sounds deep When you speak and my ear is against your chest The way you kiss me gently But boldly
When I first met you I felt something strange A feeling that comes out Which I hide long time. I knew that you like me too The way you look at me I saw it at the side of my eye
I think that  I never understood how much I could care, why I love you so much, you frightened me because I couldn't tell where the line was between friends and lovers  
Imagine making love amongst the stars with the Milky Way for our bed while the galaxy watch As the planets orbits around us our climax would be like that of a supernova creating our own constellation
Icy like mint
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Happiness is what I see, Happiness is deffenitley all around me. Yet after a tiring day at work, Fatigue is all that will lurk. When im down I need something to make me smile,
I want to say I will never forget you The truth is  I probably won't I want to say I will never stop loving you  The truth is  I probably won't I want to say you will always mean the world to me
I don’t love you at all. And before you glare at me with those squinted eyes, Before you place your hands akimbo, Before you wiggle your neck at me and say, “Excuse me?!” Excuse me while I light my spliff.  
Her light is overlooked. Just as I arrive my lover leaves. All I have are the stories the stars leave me with to get me through. I go on for her. My hope is that one day she and I will be one.
A snagged branch I was when you brush your shoulder against me. Chills and goosebumps, you rewind to when I caught you by the edge of your torn up plain white tee. I wrestle with the wind, for the breeze seems not to hit me.
To lovers sit together. Looking in each others eyes. One says to the other they will love them forever. The other reply's, do not tell your lies. You may believe that you will always be with me.
A lover I once had was like a stone. Constantly cold and forever unamused, they seemed an unlikely candidate, but despite all of this, they made me feel at home.
what a dismaywe were trying to find the pieces to the puzzle lets sit cris cross apple sauce and find a new game to playthis one was kind of annoying so we found a new sedative it sorta messed with our heads and we began to feed on selfishness ins
I’m sitting here There’s nothing in my chest I think of You And Him Sometimes Her I often think of all of You
Destiny, settled in stars Adjusted by wonder Fiddled with by passion Two meet Not meant to greet Secrets kept from Three
Depression and I have been dating each other for five years. Depression was a lover that would convince me to bed earlier than anyone ever should. Depression kissed me on the first date, and I haven’t shaken my lover since.
She would love to know the time of night that the life in her heart walked away
I wish to take her atop a lighthouse,
A love day filled with joy and laughter. Went to the cinema after. A breeze of beauty passed me by. Acknowledgement and denial, My normal self but still a cosmic pawn. Choices are given, options limited.
I'm so in to you do I get through to youI want you so bad ....its driving me madBut then I think to myselfI want this to last ......cause you the best I've ever met.....and I don't want to ruin this just yet.....cause the feeling I get wi
She is the Sun And You are the Moon
<3   You could see it in their eyes. They weren't quite friends anymore. The way she smiled for him, friends don't smile like that.   The way he puts his hands on her back,
One dreams not only of love but the idea that surronds it there is only warmth radiating there is no solitude the moment you move rom duality to unity one removes the ego to become one with your lover
(performed in front of my fraternity when we were celebrating Greek culture. there are many different versions of the Pandora myth so understandably some parts of my poem might not "fit" with one version of the myth)
My lover, my loverStay with me forever When life kills meAnd pain won't let me beStay by my sidePlease don't hide 
Forget Me Not *controversial*    Morning sickness brings the blues, Monthly cycle is overdue. She was drunk that night, Flinging morals in the wind,
I normally have my speakers blaring  everyday the music on my spotify playlist matches my mood, how I'm feeling. Kat Dahlia played today. She struck out what seemed to be an ephiany for her
The color red is everywhere
Because it is vulnerable, an option, you might see. Wide out in the open, entire visibility.
Kindness, is it only but a word?  A person who hears people's needs. But oddly, sadly, is never ever heard.
You try your best to see the light. In a blinding sheet of darkness. You ignore and try to forget.
Honesty is honestly a rare commodity.
What I Hate Do you know what I absolutely hate? What makes me so sick to my stomach? And my skin crawl with repulsion? I’ll tell you what I hate:
Another day, another way,
I down another bottle To wash the pain away. For a brief moment, I feel a bit okay.
Once there was a willow tree. A lovers' tree 'twas fit to be. But times cannot define the soil, War and hate marred branches loyal. Rope on bark as cloth to back, Love was all the tree did lack.
We not together but I love what we got but I can tell the vibe is gone when the text messages start getting short and the phone calls stop being long
A lover's dance is patient and kind,It feeds your heart, your soul and your mindIt brings you joy and happiness within,Knowing that he or she will be with youThrough thick and thin.
What if we were lovers? From the derm to the core? What if we were the shutters to Hatred’s Lore? Would we dance with the rays? Smile at the budding moon? And hate decay and ruin?
Eternally An origianl poem by Catelin Haight   When I read your palms I can see
Morning is a Widow An Original Poem By Catelin Haight   Morning is a widow
I try and I try and try, still nothing. I put my heart into everything, still nothing, I spent my whole live searching for the good in my life, still nothing, I try to be nice and generous to everyone I meet, still nothing.
I try and I try and try, still nothing. I put my heart into everything, still nothing, I spent my whole live searching for the good in my life, still nothing, I try to be nice and generous to everyone I meet, still nothing.
He helps her forget her pastShe helps him see his future
Even if it is the perfect time for  Your intrepid morning coffee, It's not so great for the threads of wonder That spun in your mind last night But eventually helped you to K.O
You amaze me every day. And I still get butterflies when you call. I'm so happy to be your baby. I'd never think of leaving you at all. I haven't felt so free 'til I felt the love you've given me.
Why can't I be your friend? Why can't white and black blend?   Why did I break your heart? Why did my faith in you fall apart?   Did you ever want to agree? Were you ever going to succeed?
I know that you can feel me softly breathe,But with each breath my heart beats fainter still,And though, my love, it's you I'd never leave,I know that it's my time and that I will.
Your heart beats in me Thumping, thumping You kick with your feet Thumping, thumping Drummer girl you dance Along in my womb You prance and dance To Lullaby's sung to you
For better or for worse, Lovers pass. In sickness and in health, Lovers pass. The seasons seem to change with the people, Not the other way around. We’re all just floating along in this mistaken world,
Though the waters and voluptuous and lush grasses form around the base of ye introspections Come through the thoughts of thou worries and regrets;
You jetted in and stole my heart away. Left a hole of death in its flame proof space. Leaving flesh to lay, burning and decay.   My heart was her: beauty and acid lace. You had what I wanted and did not care.
Some days it’s so easy to forget; it’s like it never happened. Other days, it’s impossible to ignore; I wish it never happened. I thought I could leave it all behind, but it keeps catching up to me,
I imagine that I am warm. The jet hair on your arms I nestle in should be proof enough. I shrug off the nip and slide into your spacious body cavity. Ward away the seeping light.
Days come and go
Shapes and shadows in the night, When the darkness is chased away by light. A silhouette of two lovers walking down the street. Lit by the guiding lamps, that illuminate there way.
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